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GROB receives Chery Automobile Co. Ltd.'s highest award in the powertrain sector, namely "Best Partner Supplier 2012". Only two companies in this category were honored with such a prestigious accolade, which is awarded by China's largest independent automobile manufacturer.

GROB has recorded yet another great success in its long-term commitment to China: on 18 January this year, it won the "Best Partner Supplier 2012" award from the largest independent Chinese automobile manufacturer, Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. Only two companies in the powertrain sector won this coveted award, which proves once again that GROB is not only doing a superb job with its joint ventures in China, but it also enjoys high respect and confidence as a reliable partner for "solely Chinese" automobile companies.

Co-operation between GROB and Chery has been ongoing for five years. As long ago as 2007, GROB established its reputation as a supplier to the powertrain sector by delivering the first single- and double -spindle G-modules for the production of cylinder heads. In 2011, with the support of the Chinese GROB sales teams in the country, four more contracts with Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. were signed. These were manufacturing facilities for the production of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks for the E4G13/16 engine. Last year two more orders followed for the production of TGDI engines, which was at that time regarded as the most up-to-date engine ever built in the Chery Engine Plant III. With this award Chery is once again underlining the confidence that it has in GROB as reliable and expert partner and supplier.

The Chery Prize for the best suppliers has been awarded again for the first time in six years. Between 2007 and 2012 Chery changed its business philosophy by increasingly emphasizing quality and brand value from their suppliers, with the goal of raising their own increasingly high and rigorous standards, and in doing so supplying better quality vehicles to their customers. The "Best Partner Award" therefore becomes a win-win situation:
the best supplier is honored, because the high quality of its products also guarantees optimum quality for Chery products.