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Last year, the GROB branch was founded in Steinhausen in Switzerland. At the EMO 2019, we talked to the branch manager, Mr. Harald Folk.
EMO Hannover Harald Folk

How many EMOs have you visited in your life?


Harald Folk: This is my fifth or sixth EMO, I don't know for sure anymore. But it certainly is my first EMO for GROB. I couldn't help but notice the development that the EMO has made. At the time, about ten years ago, I had the impression that nobody knew for sure which way the trade fair was going. Later, more emphasis was placed on technology, and thus the product. Today, I feel that it is more about the image of the companies again.


What is your impression of the EMO 2019 from the Swiss point of view as the manager of a GROB branch?


When I went to the EMO, I thought I was only coming here to obtain information and to support my colleagues. Now, I am constantly in meetings and I've run into a large number of entrepreneurs from Swiss companies. I did not expect that.


How does your home market evolve and where do you see future chances for growth?


Regarding electromobilty, Switzerland is fairly new at this. We don't have a lot to offer in this area, except for a few start-ups. Furthermore, we don't have a direct automotive industry in Switzerland, only tier II or III. This means that the automotive crisis, if it were to happen, will only hit us with a certain delay.


Finances are no problem in Switzerland, but we still need turnover. However, we are strongly represented in the area of aerospace and thus have a great perspective in Switzerland, especially in the area of universal machining centers.