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In front of 25 media representatives and almost the complete international expert press at their press conference, the GROB-WERKE started into the EMO on the first day. For more than an hour, the management and Mr. Christian Grob answered the journalists' questions.
GROB EMO press conference

Right at 3:30 p.m., Christian Grob was able to welcome 25 journalists from almost all important expert media in the German-speaking area, such as „Automobil Produktion“, „fertigung“, „maschine + werkzeug“, „MM Maschinenmarkt“, „Zerspanungstechnik“ or „Schweizer Maschinenmarkt (SMM)“ at the press conference. In the beginning of his statements, Christian Grob briefly described how the company has taken decisive steps and has set up for a long-term secure future in the face of the declining global economy, the historically largest paradigm shift in the automotive industry, but also regarding politically motivated turbulences.


German Wankmiller then presented the current GROB innovations, which are displayed at the GROB stand, and again emphasized the importance of the change in the automotive industry and the subsequent repositioning for GROB and its corporate strategy, towards electromobility. He was proud to report which important contribution GROB has made in Volkswagen's realignment towards electromobility. This proves again in which extent GROB is able to offer and supply new technologies in the electric drive and battery storage system technologies, as well as matching machine concepts.


As the third speaker, Wolfram Weber was able to report about a successful fiscal year 2018/2019, and that GROB is currently well positioned due to the high investments of the past years. At the same time, he cautions that even GROB is facing at least one very challenging period with respect to the changes in the automotive industry as well as due to the global economic crises. 


In conclusion, Christian Müller described the successful restructuring measures in the sales department, both regarding the area of "electromobility" as well as in view of the strategic expansion of new markets. He was proud to report about first large orders from major automotive manufacturers in the area of electromobility. At the same time, he was convinced that the sales department has adapted to GROB's strategic realignment and is therefore ideally positioned for future challenges.


In the following round of questions, the managing directors were faced with many critical questions from the journalists. The main topic was the question about GROB's future and the topic of "electromobility".