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At FORD's "21st Annual World Excellence Awards", GROB was the only supplier from the machine tool sector to receive the "Aligned Business Framework Award 2019". Alongside the GM Award and the HONDA Award, this marks the third prestigious honor for GROB in the USA in 2019. The award ceremony was held on May 21 in Dearborn, Michigan.

For the third time this year, GROB was honored in the USA with an esteemed award. This time it was Ryan Metcalfe, Account Director of GROB Systems, who received the award from FORD. As Michael Hutecker, CEO of GROB Systems, explains: "We are proud to be one of FORD's most important suppliers and feel honored to be receiving this important award."


A total of 53 awards in various categories were presented. "We give our annual "World Excellence Awards" in recognition of our top-performing suppliers," emphasized Hau Thai-Tang, Chief Product Development and Purchasing Officer at FORD. "Suppliers like GROB make a decisive contribution to our vision of being the most reliable company for mobility."


The Aligned Business Framework (ABF) represents a strategic purchasing model at FORD. Introduced in 2005, the ABF Agreements set out the terms of collaboration between FORD and selected suppliers and contain a comprehensive and formal description of the business practices applied. "We are an award-winning partner of FORD's Aligned Business Framework. This shows that GROB has embarked on the journey with Ford in areas such as electromobility, and that FORD very much appreciates the cooperation with us," explains Christian Müller, CSO of GROB-WERKE.


This is not the first time the GROB Group has been recognized by Ford Motor Company. In São Paulo in 2013, the company won the FSAO Supplier Award, in 2015 the World Excellence Award and in 2018 the Manufacturing Excellence Award. In 2014 and 2016, the GROB Group also received the Award of Recognition and the Mindelheim and Bluffton plants were honored several times with the Q1 Award. At FORD's 19th World Excellence Awards two years ago, GROB-WERKE was also recognized as a top-performing supplier with the World Excellence Award in the Henry Ford Museum.