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By establishing new branches in France, Vietnam and Japan, GROB is systematically expanding its sales and service network in three important target markets. This will increase the global sales and service network to fifteen branches.

What began in 1990 with the founding of the first sales and service branch in Wellesbourne, England, has successively developed into a global success story for GROB up to the present day. All branches are located in key target markets, in which service activities cannot be provided by one of the GROB plants in the region. True to the GROB maxim that the customer's interests always come first, GROB is seeking customer proximity in important markets through sales and services branches. The first branch was established in Wellesbourne especially due to the presence of the Ford and BMW plants there, and the second one in Mexico in 2000 because of the DaimlerChrysler and John Deere plants. And GROB has stuck with this success concept with all further new branches in Asia, Europe and America.


GROB branch in Vietnam


Last year, GROB delivered an entire cylinder head and cylinder block line, including the very latest automation technology, tools and clamping fixtures, to Vietnam for a turn-key project at the newly established VinFast automotive production plant. Despite the large project scope – a total of three modular special-purpose machines and 45 machining centers from the renowned G-Series – GROB worked to ensure that the production lines could be commissioned as early as December 2018. To achieve the planned capacity of the two manufacturing lines of 250 thousand parts per year, GROB decided to establish a branch locally to guarantee, first and foremost, a fast and reliable service.


Name: GROB Vietnam L.L.C.
Contact person: Ryoo HyeonWook
Address: #415-416, 4th. Floor, Thanh Dat 1 Building
No3 Le Thanh Tong St, May to Commune
Ngo Quyen Dist, Haiphong City
Established: January 2019


GROB branch in France


GROB has traditionally enjoyed good business relationships with France, especially with the country's automotive industry. In close cooperation with the agent BCD S.A., for example, GROB has been supplying system machines to Renault all over the world, not only in France, for many years. In 2000, one particular order was to supply the largest flexible cylinder head and cylinder block manufacturing line in Latin America to Renault. It is in light of this long-standing and trusting business relationship that GROB has made the transition from pure supplier to system partner at Renault. To secure an even better foothold in the French market for universal machining centers, GROB decided to establish its own sales and service branch.


Name: GROB France S.A.R.L
Contact person: Michele Gras
Address: 21 avenue Eugène Gazeau
60300 Senlis
Established: January 2019


GROB branch in Japan


Japan – similar to Germany – is a technologically strong nation that is committed to exporting technologies. Having a local presence is key to establishing a close cooperation with Japanese business partners. But because Japanese industry is highly intertwined, achieving business success as an international company in Japan is presenting quite a challenge. One reason for setting up a branch in Japan, as in all other markets, is that GROB wants to be close to its customers in order to create local business opportunities and, above all, to better serve Japanese customers abroad (e.g. USA). The background: At all of GROB's Japanese customers that have a branch abroad, control is still very much centralized through Japan. A local presence will allow GROB to become more closely acquainted with its Japanese business partners, the aim being to further consolidate business relationships. That GROB in Japan has received a first order to supply a stator assembly line for electric motors is also encouraging, and a good indicator that GROB can expect further orders in the local market, including from the electromobility sector.


Name: GROB Japan K.K.
Contact person: Endo Hideaki
Address: Yokohama Landmark Tower
2-1, Minatomirai 2-chome, Nishi-ku
Yokohama-City, Kanagawa
Established: January 2019