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With a delay of six months due to Corona, the Grob family and the GROB management were finally able to visit the production plant of GROB Italy in Pianezza in northern Italy at the end of June. With the construction of the plant, both the universal machining business and the electromobility sector, which has its roots in Italy, were brought together at a single location.
GROB delegation visits GROB plant in Italy
GROB delegation in front of GROB plant in Italy
GROB plant in Italy

It has taken a long time until a first official visit of the new plant of GROB Italy could take place after its completion. The reason, as so often in the recent past, was a simple one: COVID-19 restrictions did not permit an earlier visit. But at the end of July a small delegation consisting of Christian and Florian Grob, CEO German Wankmiller as well as the Director of the new business unit Emerging Technologies Robert Schmalholz and Peter Vogl was able to visit the plant in Pianezza which has already been completed at the beginning of January. The delegation not only wanted to get a picture of the latest GROB production site, but also to clarify questions concerning its further strategic orientation. The agenda included the business plan of GROB Italy, potential offers and projects as well as operative questions around the delivery programs, personnel developments and the implementation of the GROB customer service in Italy.


With the new GROB Italy building, not only have capacities been expanded and production processes optimized, but the electromobility and universal machining divisions have also been combined at one location. Besides sufficient production capacities and office buildings, GROB Italy now also has a modern showroom with a universal machining center and some exhibits from the electromobility sector. With 4,800 m2, the production area has tripled and there is sufficient space for the planned doubling of the workforce to 150 people. The investment volume in Italy amounted to approximately ten million euros.


"With the completion of our new GROB plant in Italy, we finally have the structures that we urgently need not only to successfully serve the Italian market, but also to secure the international electromobility business for us in the area of coil-inserting technology," said Christian Grob after his visit to Pianezza. The official opening celebration of GROB Italy will likely take place in December this year.


With its round wire insertion technology, GROB Italy covers an important area of the various winding procedures in the electromobility. The Italian plant thus perfectly supplements the portfolio of GROB-WERKE and has made it an important part of GROB Group's electromobility expertise. A committed development team has furthermore been formed at GROB Italy for the development of new technologies and innovations.


GROB Italy at a glance:


  • Location: Pianezza by Turin, Italy
  • Investment volume: 10 M Euros
  • Site area: 24,000 m2
  • Production area: 4,800 m2
  • Office and staff building: 3,300 m2