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As the recipient of the Excellent Supplier Award 2017 from Volkswagen FAW Engine (VWFAW) in Dalian and of Excellent Supplier Entry from Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co.Ltd. (VW-PT), GROB Werke's outstanding performance has been acknowledged again this year in China. GROB had previously received the highly regarded Supplier of the Year Award from the SAIC General Motors Corporation in February.

In early March, GROB China was honored with two further top awards in Shanghai and in Dalian. In recognition of their especially reliable and skilled cooperation with VW-PT, in particular in the areas of after-sales service and spare parts management, our colleagues at GROB China received the distinction of Excellent Supplier Entry. This was awarded to a machine supplier for the first time this year.


GROB China also received the Excellent Supplier Award 2017 in recognition of its good cooperation, in this case with VWFAW. "Both awards raise the bar for us in terms of strong cooperation on all our company's projects with Volkswagen FAW Engine and Volkswagen Powertrain," remarked CEO of GROB China, Mr. Ren Hongzhi, at the award ceremony, looking ahead to the future.  Both prizes were awarded for the first time by VWFAW and VW-PT. GROB-WERKE is the major supplier to the Volkswagen Group in China. At present, GROB Dalian is continually stepping up its efforts at Volkswagen to find solutions in the areas of after-sales service and spare parts management, as well as around retooling projects.


GROB-WERKE and Volkswagen in China have enjoyed a successful working relationship for almost 30 years. Back in the 1980s, GROB supplied Shanghai Volkswagen with its first production line for the machining of cylinder heads, as well as a special machine for the machining of camshaft bearing covers.