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At the beginning of this year, GROB was honored to receive SAIC-GM's Special Contribution Supplier Award for the second time. This prominent award in China underlines the excellent cooperation between GROB and SAIC-GM.

The award ceremony took place as part of the 22nd Annual Supplier Conference and Award Ceremony on January 18, 2020. Mr. Hongzhi Ren, Managing Director of GROB China, accepted the award. "Both GROB and SAIC-GM are reliable partners," Hongzhi Ren explained proudly during the award ceremony. "We are excited about our continued cooperation with SAIC-GM and hope to continue to provide valuable support to China's automotive industry."


Last year, GROB had the opportunity to implement several retooling projects together with SAIC-GM, a joint venture between Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, China, and General Motors, USA, founded in 1997. For these projects, existing machines of older GROB lines were modified and reconditioned. The projects were successfully implemented based on close, long-term cooperations.


"The current award is already the tenth award and the second Special Contribution Supplier Award we have received from SAIC-GM after 2017," says GROB Supervisory Board Chairman Christian Grob concerning this new honor we received. "This award underlines best the close partnership of GROB and SAIC-GM for over twenty years."


The collaboration between both companies has a long and deep tradition. Back 22 years ago, GROB delivered 32 machining centers and a transfer line for machining cylinder heads, gearbox housings, valve sub-bases and camshafts to SAIC General Motors Corporation in China.