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GROB-WERKE has added to its collection of prestigious awards with the Special Contribution Supplier Award from SAIC-GM and the Excellent Supplier Award from GEELY. These are important and symbolic awards for GROB, particularly in China, the largest market in Asia.

This was the seventh time that GROB-WERKE received a Supplier Award from SAIC-GM. Strategic partners GROB and SAIC-GM have been working together for a long time, not just in China but across the globe. Outstanding product quality, leading technology and excellent service are key components of the partnership, which stretches back over several years and has continually evolved and intensified during this time. All four SAIC-GM plants in China are currently equipped with system machines from GROB. Just last year, GROB delivered around 65 machines to the SAIC-GM production plants in Yantai and Wuhan.


"By presenting us with this Special Contribution Supplier Award, SAIC-GM is once again highlighting the outstanding collaboration with GROB," explained Hongzhi Ren, CEO of GROB Dalian, on February 9 at the 2017 Supplier Award ceremony. "It is a great honor for us to repeatedly receive these awards from our Chinese partners for our products and services," added Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Christian GROB, after the presentation. "This prestigious recognition from our customers is particularly important to us as it spurs us on and encourages us to continually improve our collaboration."


In mid-May Hongzhi Ren was invited to Sanya to receive another Excellent Supplier Award on behalf of GROB. On this occasion, he accepted the GEELY Excellent Supplier Award. This is the second consecutive award that the company has received from GEELY following the 2016 Best Supplier Award. The prize from automobile manufacturer GEELY (which means "auspicious" or "lucky" in English) recognizes the company's close, successful cooperation with GROB.


Last year, GROB Mindelheim and GROB Dalian shipped production lines with over 160 GROB machining centers and four assembly stations for machining cylinder heads and blocks as well as gearbox and clutch housings to GEELY's two production plants in Ningbo, Taizhou and Baoji. GEELY is a Chinese automobile and motorbike manufacturer, which owns well-known brands such as Volvo and Lotus.