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At the very start of the year, GROB was honored in China with two important awards. For the seventh time, GROB received a Supplier Award from SAIC-General Motors and was recognized as the "Best Partner Supplier 2018" by Chery Automobile. GROB-WERKE has received these two awards, which are vitally important in the Chinese market, several times now.

The collaboration between GROB and SAIC-GM has a long and deep tradition. Back in 1998, GROB delivered 32 machining centers and a transfer line for machining cylinder heads, gearbox housings, valve sub-bases and camshafts to SAIC General Motors Corporation. In over twenty years, a very close, trusting and strategic partnership has developed, not only in China, but also worldwide with GM. A partnership that has been recognized many times with awards from SAIC-GM.


In January this year too, when Hongzhi Ren, CEO of GROB China, received on behalf of GROB the "Supplier of the Year Award" in the "Special Contribution" category at the "21st Annual Supplier Conference and Award Ceremony" in Yantai. "It is great honor for us to be receiving this award yet again," explained Hongzhi Ren at the ceremony. "It is indeed testimony to the highly constant nature of our partnership and will encourage us to maintain and improve our quality standard." GROB is one of the few suppliers that provides SAIC-GM with machines instead of components for vehicles to have been recognized.


And at Chery Automobile's annual supplier conference, GROB was nominated as "Best Partner Supplier 2018". An award that recognized the successful, decade long collaboration between the two companies. As early as 2008, GROB gained a good reputation as a supplier in the powertrain sector by delivering single-spindle and two-spindle G-modules for the production of cylinder heads. In 2011, further manufacturing lines for producing cylinder heads and cylinder blocks were delivered. Chery recognized the handling of this order with its first "Best Partner Award". When Chery decided to double its production capacity last year, GROB once again supplied several machines and has received this latest award for its extremely positive contribution to this development.


Chery Automobile is a key customer for GROB. Indeed, it is one of the five largest, pure Chinese automobile manufacturers in China. "One of the reasons we are very proud of this award," explains Biao Wang, Chief Sales Officer of GROB China, who received the award. "Importantly, the cooperation with Chery also gives GROB the kind of kudos that appeals to the Chinese and hence also to the Asian mechanical engineering market."