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GROB Systems, Inc., a global leader in the development of manufacturing systems and machine tools, announced it broke ground in December 2023 on a 135,000 sq. ft. expansion project that will add approximately 35% more space for production and shipping to the existing 400,000 sq. ft., and add 200 new jobs to its U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility in Bluffton, Ohio.
GROB USA Werkserweiterung

GROB USA Werkserweiterung

Marking a 33-year presence in the U.S. along with increased growth in North America, the new, expanded space will house many of GROB’s sub-assembly departments to support final production in the main plant. On the logistical side, the expansion will provide shipping with two new depressed docks bringing the total to three docks, further increasing the efficiency of shipping and receiving for GROB. The expansion project, which will be located on the east side of GROB’s current facility footprint, is estimated at $24.0 million.


“Demonstrating our strong, unwavering commitment to U.S. manufacturing, GROB has been investing in and expanding the Bluffton location since the first building was constructed in 1991,” said Mr. Michael Hutecker, CEO, GROB Systems, Inc. “Our new, large East Building expansion represents the success of our manufacturing systems and automation solutions being produced in the U.S. and providing timely, locally based service and support to our customers. With the expanded facility, we will increase our production of manufacturing systems for new technologies in the U.S. -- most importantly, systems for the production of batteries.”


Ms. Annette Heslep, CFO, GROB Systems, Inc. adds, “We have been fortunate to employee highly skilled employees who have greatly contributed to our success for over 30 years. With this latest expansion, we are excited to continue our growth in this community and the U.S. by committing to add another 200 jobs over the next three years and offer the latest machining and automation technology.”


Completion of GROB’s East Building expansion in Bluffton is slated for March 2025.