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GROB’s Universal Machining Centers represent an innovative step for 5-axis machining technology; these horizontal machining centers deliver optimal chip fall and enable the production of larger parts within a relatively small footprint. The Universal Machining Centers are designed for efficient, effective machining in a wide range of applications.

GROB’s G-Series Universal Machining Centers are available in four sizes: the G150 with 320 mm; the G350, with a 400 mm pallet; G550, with a 630 mm pallet; and G750, with an 800 mm pallet. Additionally, all three sizes are available in mill-turn versions; these are identical to the standard G-Series centers but for a different table and spindle.


The A- and B-axes operate with gear-free torque motors, thus ensuring a minimum of necessary maintenance and rapid, dynamic operation. The machines feature a Y-axis in the table itself; this Y-axis moves the part up and down during machining through the use of two ball screws and, in the larger machines, a counterbalance. The horizontal machine orientation ensures optimal chip fall and evacuation to avoid chip interference during machining.


Best-in-class features


The G-Series centers feature the longest Z-travel path in this machine class. What’s more, unlike in other machines where an increased part size means decreased allowable tool length, the G-Series allows the largest possible part in the work area to be machined with the maximum tool length. As a result, smaller overall machining centers can be used in many applications, leading to a smaller footprint and lower overall cost. All three G-Series products feature a 230º swivel range in the A-axis; this means that the machine can reach all sides of the part, even when machining multiple pieces simultaneously.


The unique, horizontal Z-axis design features three sets of bearings, rather than the two found in competing vertical machines. What’s more, the long distance between the front- and rearmost Z-axis bearings ensure optimal lever function and Z-axis rigidity. Additionally, this distance between bearings and the relationship of the levers do not change during Z-axis stroke; this results in a constant milling conditions. A GROB machine is most rigid out at the work piece. In vertical machines, both the bearing distance and lever relationship change during the Z-axis stroke, which leads to lower rigidity and no constant milling conditions. As mentioned above, the machines’ horizontal design enables perfect chip fall. The chip conveyor is located directly below the tilting table and machining point, so chips falls directly onto it and are removed easily.


Fully integrated machining centers


With the GROB G-Series Universal Machining Centers, every necessary component is integrated into the machining center, which ensures a small footprint and ergonomic access to working space. The entire system is maintenance-friendly, including the central fluid unit and compact, integrated chilling unit.  As an option, the integrated pallet changer handles up to two pallets inside the machine, but external pallet handling solutions are available as well. These include external rotary pallet storage, linear pallet storage, or third-party pallet handling solutions.


Best in their class, the innovative GROB G-Series Universal Machining Centers deliver efficiency in machining, footprint, and cost, all while maintaining unparalleled part consistency and quality and delivering the greatest possible flexibility in design.