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At the EMO in Milan, GROB is presenting the second generation of universal machines – the focal point of an entire spectrum of technical innovations. The GROB universal machine product portfolio has been supplemented with a new rotary pallet storage system featuring up to thirteen pallet storage slots. The GROB-NET4Industry software portfolio developed by GROB has been supplemented by the modules “GROB4Coach” and “GROB4Simulate”, innovations presented to the public for the first time at the trade show.

It has long been tradition for GROB-WERKE to present the latest machine technologies for the system and universal machine business at the Exposition Mondial de la Machine Outil (EMO). Thus, once again GROB is offering an entire spectrum of technical innovations at the EMO 2015 in Milan. The highlight of this trade show is the second generation of universal machines, the G350 – Generation 2.


The new G-module generation distinguishes itself from the previous series by significantly improved dynamics, reduced idle and chip-to-chip time, as well as by a new machine design and expanded tool magazine capacity. Thanks to an intelligent repositioning of the tool magazine, the machine width has been reduced from 2,450 mm to 2,000 mm, thus permitting a more compact machine footprint.

A newly-developed tool changer optimizes the chip-to-chip time by up to 30 percent. Tool capacity, i.e. the number of slots available in the tool magazine (single/double disk magazine), could be increased by 40 to 60, or even 120 slots (depending on the length of the tools used). Thanks to the newly-developed double disk magazine which was not available in the first generation, tool length could also be increased by 33 percent to 550 mm.


Rotary pallet storage system containing up to thirteen pallet slots
A new GROB rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R) for small and medium-size palletizations expands the already extensive universal machine portfolio. This development, with its compact construction, can be flexibly employed and is attractive due to its high practicality and functionality. This system is available in three standard sizes for attaching to a G550 – Generation 1 universal machine (pallet size 630 mm x 630 mm).


In its smallest version (PSS-R5), the rotary pallet storage system contains five pallet storage slots on one level. In the PSS-R10 version, ten pallet storage slots are available on two levels and in the PSS-R13 version, thirteen pallet storage slots are available on three levels. Also counting the pallet at the setup station, the number of available pallets increases to a maximum of fourteen (PSS-R13).


The system is easily integrated and can be retrofitted to existing machines without a problem. The high rigidity of the system and its quick pallet changing times are additional advantages resulting from the compactness and short travel paths. This is ensured by a handling mechanism that can take on two pallets simultaneously.


Double spindle machines G320 and G520 with integrated pallet changer
In the future, GROB will offer the option of a pallet changing mechanism for the G320 and G520 series machining centers. The kinematic design of the dual-spindle G-module on the vertical axis located on the work piece side will continue to be used. The kinematics are supplemented by a swivel axis and an additional horizontal axis for changing pallets. Both pallets located in the work area are replaced concurrently with the two pallets loaded with raw parts at the setup station.


When it comes to rotary table configurations, the integrated pallet changer can be attached for the B axis as well as for the A/B axis of the G-module, without modifying the compact work area of the G-module designed for optimum chip removal. In addition, the pallet changing mechanism is suitable for both wet and dry machining (minimum-quantity lubrication) and is based on the reliable, tried-and-true G320 and G520 G-module process technology, thus significantly widening their range of applications.


Latest machine technology for even more efficient GROB production systems
Just like the universal machine series, the system machine range also underwent optimization. Their tool magazine capacity was expanded, idle and chip-to-chip times were reduced and machine dynamics were improved. In addition, a telescopic gantry was developed for the new system machines with a more compact and dynamic construction, which fits ideally into the design of the G-module structure. Analogous to the universal machines, the system machines were redesigned by equipping them with practical and visually attractive machine paneling.


GROB4Coach und GROB4Simulate complete GROB-NET4Industry
GROB4Coach and GROB4Simulate are two newly-developed modules of GROB’s GROB-NET4Industry software portfolio that complete the four existing applications which, using web technology, can create cross-plant transparency throughout the entire production process. GROB4Coach is a simple, user-oriented software package based on the CNC core, containing programming, simulation, and training software programs with various functionalities. With this software package, the parts program of the machine can be moved to the PC and its automatic mode of operation can be visualized in 3D. Additionally, the software offers a programming environment with integrated online help. GROB4Simulate is an efficient simulation system based on the latest technology. It supports comprehensive collision monitoring taking all components such as a tool with a holder, clamping devices, raw parts, finished parts or other machine components, into account. A special feature is the color-coded display of component damage or remaining material as well as the possibility of exact time determination with respect to machine dynamics.

Also new is the GROB HMI Concept, developed in-house, offering all functions related to production planning and processing for the industrial environment. The focal point of this concept is GROB-Pilot4M. For the first time it allows the display and measurement of 3D models directly on the machine, overlapping production with simultaneous NC programming using the two screen technologies, as well as integration of central tool data on the machine. Already today, the six applications of GROB-NET4Industry provide the best conditions to meet the much-discussed goals of Industry 4.0. They contain integration platforms suitable for all machine types and are available for the control systems by Siemens, Heidenhain, and Fanuc.


GROB promotes the expansion of its sales organization
To expand its sales organization, in October of this year, GROB is opening its new sales and service branch office, GROB Italia, in Turin, Italy. “The Italian market offers potentials requiring our direct attention, particular in area of universal machining centers”, Jochen Nahl, GROB Sales and Marketing Director, stated regarding this step. “Close customer support by our local GROB sales and service employees is indispensable for taking optimal advantage of this potential”. GROB Italia will be supported by Mr. Antonio Goia, who, in addition to his activities as managing director of our SIMU agency, will assume management of GROB Italia. GROB und SIMU have enjoyed a 70-year partnership, making SIMU the oldest sales partner of GROB-WERKE.