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In the presence of numerous customers and guests, a new Technology and Applications Center (TAZ) was opened in Poznań at the end of June by the sales subsidiary GROB Polska. The TAZ in Poland is the seventh Technology and Applications Center in the global GROB sales network.

Some 40 customers and guests attended the opening ceremony on June 26, where GROB Supervisory Board Chairman Christian Grob and GROB Polska branch manager Waldemar Jenczyk cut the opening ribbon. The new TAZ features a showroom and various meeting and office spaces, over a total area of 600 m². A 5-axis universal machining center – Generation 2 is exhibited in the showroom in order to demonstrate the machine technology and range of machining center programs on offer to our Polish customers.


Waldemar Jenczyk explains the benefits of the new space: "It does not just provide our customers with rapid, expert information on site. It also saves them traveling to Mindelheim and they can carry out a range of tests right here in the showroom at our office without having to interrupt their own production."


Two application engineers are based at the TAZ to answer customer queries and to provide training. For this purpose, an extra training room has been included in the TAZ, meaning that both theoretical and practical training can be offered in one location.


Poland is an emerging mechanical engineering market, especially in the aerospace sector. The world's largest aircraft manufacturers are building an increasing number of production plants in Poland, thus opening up a strong market for Polish suppliers. "In light of this, we also expect increased interest in GROB universal machining centers," explained GROB Supervisory Board Chairman Christian Grob at the TAZ opening. "Our G350, G550, and G750 milling centers, as well as our G350T, G550T, and G750T mill-turn machining centers, are extremely competitive, particularly in the aerospace sector."