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With a total of 64 trainees, more young people than ever before have started a new year of training with GROB. Three of them are female. A new option on the training program is the profession of cutting machine operator, specializing in milling. They will all be able to move into the new GROB training center at the end of the year.

As every year, in 2014 the GROB training program once more includes a wide range of different training courses. This year twenty five industrial mechanics, sixteen electronics technicians for automation technology, eight mechatronics technicians, four technical product designers, two cutting machine operators specializing in milling and two industrial clerks will be starting their course of training. In the dual study courses four students enrolled for the course "Mechanical Engineering", two for the course "Electrical Engineering" and one student for "Industrial Engineering Logistics". The number of trainees has therefore risen from eighteen to a total of sixty-four over the past ten years.


Cutting machine technician course now on offer
The course of training as a cutting machine operator specializing in milling is a new professional field in the GROB training program. "This is an important new branch of training for us at GROB", explains GROB's director of training Werner Drexel. "The course of training as a cutting machine operator is the basis for another course as a programing and operating specialist for the company's own 5-axis machines, the G350/G550/G750". The young cutting machine technicians will find a wide range of different areas of job opportunities at GROB - in the company's own production works, at the Technology and Applications Center (TAZ), carrying out process optimization on customers’ workpieces, compiling programs for 5-axis machining or company machining trials.


A GROB traineeship – sought-after in the region
In spite of the large number of young people required, almost all the trainees come from the immediate vicinity of Mindelheim from within a maximum radius of 15 kilometers. Only one student taking part in the "Ulm Model" comes from Augsburg. The school qualifications of the trainees vary widely, depending on their age. They come from all kinds of schools and higher education institutes, and some are completing their second course of training. This is also an interesting challenge for the GROB instructors. "We are very proud of our female trainees this year," comments Drexel. "Two ladies are training as industrial clerks and one young lady would like to be a mechatronics technician. And although "only" three young women are starting their training courses this year at GROB, the general trend is very positive."


GROB trainees with the best perspectives
This is also true of the excellent prospects for the future for these young people at GROB. "As always in the past, we assume that we will be able to offer them all a suitable job when they have finished their training," Drexel explains. Therefore all trainees except those who will go on to university or another further education institute will start their careers with GROB. They will also be the first to profit from the excellent facilities at the new GROB training center at the end of the year. This center will combine all areas of training under one roof. It will accommodate facilities such as the new training machines, a welding booth including an extractor system and welding table, another G350 for our new cutting machine operators, a larger area for control technology and an extended CNC area with e-learning options, to name but a few.