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After EMO 2023, we had the opportunity to speak with GROB Sales Director Christian Müller about the trade fair and GROB's presence at EMO 2023, as well as about fundamental topics of sales orientation.
Christian Müller GROB-WERKE

How did EMO 2023 go for GROB? What were the highlights or special insights for GROB at the trade fair?


Christian Müller: EMO 2023 was a complete success for us. Our participation in EMO is a new highlight for us every time, and we look forward to it for months. One of the most important lessons we learned from our participation this year is that we completely hit the mark with visitors by presenting our diverse automation solutions. Our machines attracted a wide audience to our booth and inspired them. EMO has shown us more than ever that the industry needs innovative automation solutions in order to be able to produce flexibly, efficiently and autonomously in the manufacturing of the future.


130,000 visitors in 2019 and 92,000 visitors at EMO this year. Just a question of quantity or also of quality, and with what effects for GROB?


Of course, we also noticed the somewhat lower number of visitors compared to 2019. Nevertheless, we are more than satisfied with the visitors who stopped by our stand. We were able to hold numerous exciting and informative discussions with interested parties and customers. So, although the quantity was not comparable to previous years, the quality of the visitors was still at a very high level.


GROB innovations at the EMO focused primarily on the enormous range of automation solutions in combination with the 4- and 5-axis universal machines. How were these innovations received by the trade fair visitors?


With our live demos at the booth, interested parties were able to experience the flexibility and dynamics of our systems at first hand.  Our automation solutions were real visitor magnets here. Regardless of whether they were equipped with round pallet storage, linear pallet storage, as a robotic cell and/or with a automated guided vehicle. This also showed us once again how important individually adaptable automation solutions are for the industry. Our customers increasingly want to automate their manufacturing processes and be able to produce autonomously. At EMO, we were definitely able to show that we are the right partner for this.


GROB has demonstrably managed the balancing act from machine builder in machining technology and universal machine business to electromobility excellently and impressively underscored this with the trade fair premiere of the G720F, which was designed, among other things, for machining battery housings. What is the significance of the "electromobility" business area for GROB in the meantime?


The electromobility business area undoubtedly represents one of our most important sales markets, and in recent years we have made considerable progress in this area. Nevertheless, it is important for us not to disregard the other areas, especially machining technology and the universal machine sector. Our strategy is to be broadly based in order to be able to effectively compensate for fluctuations in the various markets. Diversification has proved to be the right approach, as it gives us the flexibility we need to respond quickly to the changing requirements of the markets. We firmly believe that this focus prepares us well for the future and ensures our long-term success.


EMO lived up to its reputation as an international trade fair with a high proportion of Asian visitors, including many Chinese and Indians. GROB is also currently investing in another plant in India. What potential does GROB see in the Indian market?


We see enormous potential in the Indian market, especially for the universal machine sector. The decision to open the new plant near Bangalore is an important step for us, with which we intend to drive forward the development of the market. We firmly believe that this investment will bring many benefits in the long term. Our aim is to meet the growing needs of Indian customers while strengthening our global presence. We see India not only as a market, but also as a strategic partner for a promising future.


In two years, EMO will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Will GROB also be there then?


EMO is one of the most important trade fairs for us. Even though the number of visitors this year was somewhat lower than in previous years, we will be represented again in two years with a booth. Particularly in the area of universal machines, we see EMO as a crucial platform for consolidating our presence vis-à-vis our competitors and underlining our leading position in the industry. At the same time, we see the fair as an opportunity to present our latest technologies at first hand to a broad, international audience. We are convinced that EMO will continue to be an important meeting point for innovation and industry exchange in the future, which we do not want to miss.


Thank you for talking to us.