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Following the positive experience with its Open House at the main plant in Mindelheim, GROB has successively transferred this recipe for success to its branches worldwide and this year organized similar events in Poznan/Poland, Bangkok/Thailand and Stratford-upon-Avon/England.
Open House GROB Thailand
Open House GROB Thailand
Open House GROB UK
Open House GROB UK

Open houses have a long tradition at GROB and have become increasingly important, especially in recent years. As different as the markets are for the GROB subsidiaries, it has been shown that in-house exhibitions are an important marketing tool, especially in the important international GROB markets, play a decisive role in product presentation and can make an important contribution to brand management.


Third Open House at GROB Poland in Poznan


GROB Poland celebrated its third Open House on May 16-17 with forty visitors. An important event for GROB and our local partner, especially as there is a very strong industry in Poland with a special focus on aerospace, but also in the area of die and mold industries and mechanical engineering. Since GROB Poland recognized very early on that in-house events are a good way to reach potential customers, our subsidiary has developed a coherent concept of lectures and machine presentations at its wonderful location over the last three years. "It is not without reason that we have been able to win Pratt & Whitney as one of our most important aerospace customers in Poland, which is not least due to our good reputation and good service," says GROB CSO Christian Müller, explaining the good business development in Poland in recent years. "This means that our focus in the universal machine business remains clearly on the aerospace sector. And not just for the coming year!"


GROB Technology Center as the nucleus of the Asia strategy


GROB-Thailand has also developed particularly well in recent years with an annual order backlog of ten to fifteen machines. The company has now also received its first order from the e-mobility sector. This success is primarily due to the strong sales and service team under the leadership of Uwe Wedler.
"As the Thai market in the Asia-Pacific region is very important for GROB,
we decided to open a Technology Center (TAC) in Bangkok," says Müller, describing the Asian strategy in Thailand. It was completed within six months – from planning to opening – with its two machines G350 and G550. The grand opening ceremony was celebrated on November 2 with 220 visitors
and GROB Thailand was thus installed as the headquarters in the Asian-Pacific region (with the exception of India). "Currently, 80-90 percent of business activities are handled in the CNC sector," says Müller. "However, the first strategic orders in the field of e-mobility are already underway, as shown by
an order from TIER 1 customer PowerTech, which was signed at the grand opening ceremony." 


First Open House in Stratford-upon-Avon at GROB-UK


GROB-UK celebrated its first Open House at the new location from November 16-17 with 16 exhibitors and over 200 guests. A location that finally offers enough space for the service team, for the spare parts department, for the training rooms and especially for the new TAC with its three machines G150 with GRC-R12, G350 and G550T. The necessary framework conditions for successful work are now finally in place, not only for the automotive and universal machine sector, but also for entry into the field of electromobility. With this in mind, GROB-UK has almost doubled its service team in line with market requirements. "The next step, with the "Next Level Thinking" vision, is about how GROB technology can be implemented for customers in the three important segments of OEM business with the supplier market, universal machines and electromobility," says Müller, identifying the next important task.