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GROB has picked up two prestigious awards in just six weeks –the General Motors Breakthrough and Innovations Award and the Daimler Supplier Award. In the light of the enormous effort we have put into achieving growth, the company is very proud of this recognition.
2011 orders at all-time high of approx. 1.3 billion euros; Consolidated total output for the group in 2011/12 valued at 650 million euros; All plants at capacity until the end of 2013; High equity-to-assets ratio of over 40 percent; Investment largely funded from own resources and from cash flow
Under a new framework agreement, General Motors and GROB are to work together for the next four years. The deal will cover all new GM engine block projects over that period. Signed on 29 February, the contract clarifies –on a global basis –the terms and conditions, such as payment details, number of...
For the first time, GROB – in co-operation with its distribution partner Rex Machine Tool Sales − exhibited at NORTEC, the manufacturing technology trade fair in Hamburg. Between 25 and 28 January more than 10,000 visitors passed through the doors of this important regional fair in northern Germany.