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As a highlight and exhibition innovation, GROB will be presenting its G440, G640, and G840 4-axis machining series at the AMB. A G440 4-axis universal machining center with PSS-R1800 rotary pallet storage system will be exhibited.
GROB G440 with PSS-R1800

With the expansion of the product range by the 4-axis machine series, GROB can meet the ever-increasing demands of all target markets outside the 5-axis market segment. No matter whether aerospace, mechanical engineering, die and mold industries, automotive or energy technology – the 4-axis machining series impresses with its broad range of applications and provides the optimum solution for just about any material. The G440, G640, and G840 machine versions are the ideal solution for efficient machining projects and perfectly complement the GROB universal machine portfolio. Their modular design and huge variety of options allow them to be configured according to specific requirements and they are characterized by a high loading weight as well as high feed forces and accelerations of the main axes. The G640 and G840 sizes are available with an optional work area expansion and their loading weights can also be increased.


One concept for a broad range of industries


To reduce the weight of the structural components and increase stability at the same time, the 4-axis machine series has been designed with the aid of numerical methods such as topology optimization and FEM simulations. The series is designed as a moving column on a rigid machine bed with three fixator points.


The heavy-duty 4-axis machine series impresses with its unique axis configuration that guarantees robust and optimal, dynamic processes. Three linear and one rotary axes permit 4-sided machining. Linear axes X and Y move the machining spindle. Depending on the equipment, the drive concept is based on one ball screw drive in the mass center or two symmetrically arranged ball screw drives in the Y-axis. The torque motor in the B' axis, which is already installed in the standard model, also enables a fast positioning movement with maximum precision. Thanks to extensive configuration options, the GROB machining centers can be perfectly matched to customer production requirements.


Tool magazines offer versatile combinations


The 4-axis universal machining centers offer versatile possibilities in the area of the tool magazine. Depending on the type of machine, the tool magazine can be configured and placed next to the machine as a separate, stand-alone module. Even after delivery of the machine, the magazines can easily be extended or replaced via "Plug & Play”. Single-disk through to six disk magazines are available with disk-type magazines arranged vertically in a row and 50 to 237 tool pockets or a tower magazine with disk-type magazines with 238 or 476 tool pockets stacked on top of each other. Aside from control systems expertise, centralized tool magazines must also be integrated for flexible manufacturing stations. Tools with tool lengths of up to 830 mm can be inserted into the magazines directly at an ergonomically appropriate height manually during operation. 


Exhibition machine with PSS-R1800 rotary pallet storage system


GROB bundles its competences for comprehensive automation technologies consultation in its Center of Excellence (CoE) for automation. We provide our customers with a coordinated automation solution designed with the aid of 3D planning and process simulations under near-real-world conditions.


The GROB rotary pallet storage systems (PSS-R) expand the G module to create a flexible production cell that offers optimum entry to automated, highly efficient production. The setup station directly next to the machine control panel provides excellent access. Fast pallet change is made possible with a double-fork lift unit or, as an option when using two pallets, with an innovative pallet changing device. The modern and flexible control software also enables straightforward visualization and organization of production orders.


The G440 exhibition machine is equipped with a PSS-R1800 rotary pallet storage system that can handle up to 1,150 kg. Depending on the pallet size (500x500 or 500x630), it provides space for 10 or 15 pallets on three levels. The maximum interference diameter is 800 mm with a maximum interference height of 1,000 mm. The modular configuration allows the machines to be completely adapted to work with existing production systems, but also provides the freedom to break new ground.