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The newly developed, compact GRC-R12 robot cell for the G150 universal machining center rounds out the GRC portfolio at the lower entry-price level, ideally complements the GROB automation solutions and, in combination with the G modules, stands for maximum flexibility and customization in production.
GROB robot cell

For the very first time, GROB will be presenting its newly developed, small GRC-R12 robot cell in conjunction with the G150 5-axis universal machining center at an exhibition. It represents a complete solution developed under one roof, which impresses with a uniform design and coordinated interfaces. GROB now offers its customers an even more comprehensive range of automation solutions. This ranges from a variety of standard solutions to flexible robot cells, manufacturing systems, and turnkey production lines.


Compact, space-saving, and efficient


The compact design of the GRC-R12 robot cell on one platform allows easy transport and fast commissioning. Automatic gripper change is available for different clamping fixtures and part types. Parameterizable part geometries ensure short set-up times. In addition, the innovative feeding system with its two drawer versions (pull-out direction A or B) enables longer unmanned production and provides a compact solution for feeding and discharging parts or clamping fixtures.


The GROB4Automation control software completes the robotic cell with its intuitive programming and order management for an optimal automation solution that improves production processes.


Highly flexible and customizable


The robot cell is extremely flexible to use with upgrade as well as product-specific options. It can be configured with various modules at the customer’s request such as deburring, cleaning, marking, SPC (Statistical Process Control), or with an additional second machine. The customer can choose between a pneumatic single- or double-gripper system for their robot cell. Automatic gripper jaw adjustment is another option (axis spacing adjustment).


Excellent handling and fast commissioning


The pick & place solution allows easy transport and fast commissioning by the customer. The side access/flap door provides good access to the machine to easily replace clamping fixtures and facilitates the run-in of new parts in the machine. The closed base well between the robot cell and machine prevents leaks on the hall floor, and the installation area as well as the electrical cabinet are integrated in the lower area of the base unit to limit the number of visible installations, while still ensuring good maintenance access.


"The GROB robot cell makes it possible to produce a wide variety of part types in one system, and type changes can also be automated in an unmanned shift," explains Thomas Ruf, group leader in the machining project planning department and head of the Center of Excellence Automation. “We offer everything from a single source, with standardized design and tailored interfaces."