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At the heart of the GROB booth in Hall 12, Booth B12 this year, are the extremely flexible and precise automation solutions that can be adapted to the individual requirements and needs of customers. At this year's EMO, GROB will be presenting almost the entire range of specially developed automation solutions.

At the GROB exhibition booth, visitors can expect a G550T 5-axis mill-turn machining center and a G440 4-axis universal machining center in conjunction with the round pallet storage systems PSS-R900 and PSS-R1800. GROB's round pallet storage systems enable customers to handle parts automatically. In addition, the use of the round pallet storage systems makes possible unmanned operation of the machines. This allows customers to benefit from reduced set-up times, increased productivity and minimized downtime. GROB thus offers its customers a wide range of sizes and storage configurations. In addition to round pallet storage systems, GROB's portfolio also includes linear and tower storage systems. Visitors to EMO can find out more about all of GROB's pallet storage systems on site and see for themselves the dynamics of the systems.


Automated parts handling with GROB robot cells


With the presentation of the 5-axis universal machining centers G150 and G350 in combination with the GROB robot cells GRC-R12 and GRC-R240, two further automation highlights await visitors. The robot cells from GROB can be flexibly adapted and impress with their diverse equipment options. With the GRC-R240, GROB is presenting its largest robotic cell from the product range. The counterpart to this is the GRC-R12, the smallest cell available from GROB. What the two robotic cells have in common: their multiple advantages. The compact design of the robot cells and their construction on an inherently rigid base plate enables a simple and quick installation. The innovative feeding system with drawers not only allows longer unmanned production, but can also be loaded in parallel with machining. An automatic clamping fixture and part gripper change is available for different clamping fixtures and part types. At the same time, parameterizable part geometries ensure short set-up times. Depending on the customer's requirements, the cells can be equipped with a wide variety of modules: from deburring, cleaning, measuring and labeling components to connecting a second machine. In addition, GROB also provides the appropriate management software with GROB4Automation, which enables customers to flexibly plan and manage production orders. At EMO, visitors can see for themselves the wide range of configuration options and the performance of the GROB robot cells.


Automated guided vehicle – Fair premiere at EMO


A special highlight this year is GROB's presentation of the automated guided vehicle which make up a driverless transport system, also called AGV. It enables an efficient and intelligent material movement and thus ends the area of manual transport and long distances. The AGV is equipped with the latest sensor technology and navigates effortlessly through the production halls without being dependent on human guidance. Customers benefit from a location-independent automation solution of multiple machines in one factory. Visitors can also see for themselves on site the many benefits of AGV.


The right solution for every industry and every application


GROB pursues the goal of providing tailor-made solutions for each industry to ensure optimum productivity and quality. With its broad product portfolio and diverse machine and plant solutions, the machine manufacturer succeeds very well in this. GROB already serves customers from the fields of medical technology, die and mold industries, energy technology, mechanical engineering, aerospace as well as automotive industries. "We are committed to providing our customers with cross-industry solutions that address the specific needs of each market. For this reason, we are constantly developing our product portfolio in order to be able to offer our customers the right solution at any time," said Tobias Trautmann, Division Manager Universal Machining Centers at GROB.