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Visitors can look forward to a fair premiere in Hall 12, Booth B12 provided by GROB-WERKE at EMO 2023 from 18 to 23 September. For the first time, the company will be exhibiting its G720F system at a trade fair, which is predestined for machining frame structures and chassis parts as well as battery housings.
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For the first time, GROB presents one of its largest F-series machines, the G720F, at a trade fair. In addition to universal machines, classic machining technology of GROB at EMO is not being neglected either. The machine is strong proof of the differentiation of the GROB machine portfolio. With its 5-axis A/B interference range of 1,500 mm and high stability, the G720F is a typical representative of the crossover series for all important components, from frame structure parts and subframes to battery housings. The A-/B-axis combination in the table guarantees a free chip fall and excellent heat dissipation, which is particularly suitable for MMS machining. The F-series axis arrangement corresponds to GROB's proven machine concept. Modular and standardized machine components guarantee high product quality, dynamics and short chip-to-chip times. Visitors can see the machining dynamics of the G720F live at EMO 2023 when the machine is working on a subframe in a simulated machining demonstration.


The 900 series – GROB has something big up its sleeve


GROB also offers an exciting outlook with the upcoming 900 series. This innovative series sets new standards in the production of the future. The type of construction is divided into three machine types, starting with the G920X double-spindle. With two spindles and bridges arranged one above the other and a maximum part length of 2,600 mm, the machine is predestined for the machining of extruded profiles. Not only the automotive and aerospace sector is benefiting from this new development, but the construction industry can look forward to the benefits provided by this system. Also new to GROB's repertoire are the G900F4 and G920F4, these machines are available in single- and two-spindle versions. They enable customers to efficiently process mega castings and battery trays. The G900F5 and G920F5 are the last to join the new 900 series. These machines are also available as single- or two-spindle machines. They are specially designed for the processing of mega & giga castings.


The new machine series underlines GROB's commitment to future-oriented solutions and its role as a pioneer for industrial development. "With our new series, we want to enable our customers to produce products in a modern and efficient manner. True to our motto "One step ahead" the new machines are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the market and our customers. The 900 series covers all machining options, from extruded profiles to battery trays to giga and mega casting," emphasizes Carsten König, GROB Head of Department Key Account Management for Machining Technology. "With our portfolio in the field of machining technology, we are very broadly positioned. The G-Series and F-Series have already enabled us to cover a wide range of applications, and the new 900 series, including the new X series, will continue to enable us to meet the many-faceted challenges we will master together with our customers."