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At this year's in-house exhibition, visitors will not only be able to find out about GROB's versatile product portfolio, they will also have the opportunity to get to know experienced service experts and learn more about GROB's extensive range of services.
Service offers from GROB

GROB-WERKE is known for innovative solutions in mechanical and plant engineering as well as for its versatile product range and its network of experienced technicians and service experts. GROB provides competent support worldwide in all phases of machine and production processes to ensure maximum availability of GROB machines. In addition, GROB relies on service agreements that ensure a reliable partnership with customers and have become an important part of production assurance and value retention.


Four service packages provide protection and cost effectiveness


GROB’s four service packages are specifically tailored to customer needs, offering its customers a high degree of flexibility. Both preventive and reactive strategies can be covered and combined with the right selection of service agreements. “Remote Support” ensures quick troubleshooting using remote machine diagnostics without the need for GROB experts to be on site. The "Maintenance Agreement" includes both the replacement of relevant wear parts and extensive inspections that a technician carries out annually using special test equipment. In the "Service Level Agreement", GROB guarantees its customers reliably fast response times of the hotline, technicians, and the provisioning of material.


The complete "GROB Production Safety” package combines all advantages of the "Maintenance Agreement" and the "Service Level Agreement", ensuring optimal machine performance and production safety. GROB service agreements also enable customers to better control and plan their costs for preventive maintenance and repair services, since they are agreed upon in advance. GROB customers also benefit from attractive loyalty discounts on replacement parts and hourly service rates. GROB service experts will be readily available at the exhibition to provide further information.


Efficient service thanks to global locations with decentralized technicians


Due to the increasing integration and strong growth of the global markets, GROB has equipped its service with a large number of global service centers and decentralized technicians to quickly reach its customers when needed. GROB’s total of six plants, 14 branches, and numerous sales agents ensures maximum availability of machines and systems during the entire production period. In addition to the main plant in Mindelheim, seven additional service locations were set up in Germany and Austria. This has created a broad network of technicians and area sales managers at various locations in German-speaking countries. GROB has also established several decentralized service locations and technicians in other countries, such as the U.S. or China, where short travel distances are particularly important due to the size of the country.


The In-House Exhibition service highlights


At the in-house exhibition, GROB will focus on five topics to show solutions for how to respond to the current challenges in the market and in the economy. In addition, short technical presentations on a variety of topics will be given twice a day at the service booth, exhibits such as an interactive motorized spindle will be shown, and a special equipment box with special tools will be presented. The topics include:


  • Reactive service: GROB service managers explain the GROB hotline and how fast we can react when needed, for example in the event of machine outages.


  • Conserving energy: As for energy efficiency, we will explain measures to save valuable energy in production with GROB machines, reducing costs.


  • Automation: Experts explain successful retrofit projects and opportunities to automate an existing production system.


  • Preventive maintenance & inspection: GROB ensures its customer’s production safety using the know-how of its technical experts. Extensive inspections are carried out with high-priced special tools and suitable replacement parts.


  • Delivery time challenges: GROB's comprehensive risk analysis lets the customer know exactly which spare parts and assemblies need to be stored in order to be able to react quickly in emergencies.