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GROB, a leading provider of innovative manufacturing technologies, will be presenting its various products in the field of digital networking at this year's EMO. From September 18 to 23, visitors can see for themselves how the specially developed software GROB-NET4Industry is revolutionizing productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing industry.
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The modules of GROB-NET4Industry enables companies to optimize their production processes and raise them to a new level of digital networking. With a variety of functions and apps specifically tailored to the requirements of the manufacturing industry, GROB-NET4Industry opens up new possibilities for digital production processes. This year's EMO will focus primarily on four of the nine applications.


GROB4Interface – For seamless communication in production


This module allows seamless communication between different machines and devices. It creates a common interface for data transmission and promotes the integration of production lines. GROB4Interface ensures that the data of different systems and manufacturers can be collected and thus creates the basis for any digitization.


GROB4TDX (Tool Data eXchange) – Tool management made easy


The efficient management of tool data is crucial for precision and efficiency in manufacturing. GROB4TDX enables digital tool data transfer between presetting device, machine and storage. The data transfer not only reduces production times, but also creates transparency and minimizes the annoying search for the right tools. The integration of the tool data into the production process is seamless and enables precise and efficient production.







GROB4Line – For efficient production monitoring and control


This module provides comprehensive capabilities for monitoring and controlling production lines. With the GROB4Line app on a smartphone, employees are able to follow the manufacturing process wherever they are. Machine downtimes and faults are reported via push notification or e-mail, which allows fast response times and unmanned shifts. GROB4Line helps to continuously optimize production flows and to proactively manage bottlenecks.


GROB4Analyze – For effective data delivery


Data is the key to optimizing manufacturing processes. GROB4Analyze provides comprehensive analysis capabilities to capture, visualize, and interpret performance and operational data. This enables companies to gain insights from their manufacturing data and make informed decisions on process improvements.


The right solution for every need


With the applications of GROB-NET4Industry, GROB provides the right digital solution for every production case and thus helps to continuously digitize and network the production of its customers. "GROB-NET4Industry is the result of our continuous efforts to support the manufacturing industry with state-of-the-art solutions," emphasizes Emil Nigl, Product Sales Manager for GROB-NET4Industry. "Our modules are designed to help companies optimize their production processes, increase efficiency and ultimately render them more competitive."