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Using web technology, the GROB-NET4Industry Manufacturing Execution System creates cross-plant transparency throughout the entire production process. GROB-NET4Industry features various modular components that can be combined in a highly customizable manner, ensuring the ideal solution for each specific application case. These applications form the basis for meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0 in a manner that is flexible, productive, and conserves resources.

Mindelheim/Hannover. Modules within GROB-NET4Industry allow you to manage direct and indirect areas around the machining process – the aim being to achieve the most efficient utilization of your high-precision, premium-quality machines. From production planning, monitoring, and analysis to the visualization of workpiece machining processes, proactive servicing, and maintenance, all areas of production are integrated.

The available GROB-NET4Industry modules:
GROB4Line        Monitor machines via smartphone
GROB4Analyze    Machine feedback for the CIP process
GROB4Coach        Programming, simulating, training
GROB4Simulate    Easy simulation of complex processes and parts
GROB4Connect    Connect the shop floor to the ERP system
GROB4Track        Monitor machine axes at all times
GROB4Care        Service and maintenance portal 
GROB4Pilot         Multifunctional and interactive machine operation
GROB4Automation     Intuitive control software for unmanned operation
GROB4Interface    Machine communication the easy way
GROB4Portal        Secure industry platform for all cloud services and other services 

GROB-NET4Industry modules have integration platforms for all machine types and are available on the control systems of the leading manufacturers SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN and FANUC. The goal is to be able to implement manufacturer-independent digitization concepts and to offer comprehensive project support to all customers. Even companies and users without specialist IT skills can make a smart start without having to invest a great deal of time. 

The newly developed GROB4Pilot control enables almost entirely paperless production operations. The multifunctional and interactive operating concept is state of the art, featuring a capacitive touch screen, internet connectivity, and 3D support that makes it possible to depict all processes relating to machining. Boasting a feedback function and a walk through supported by visual features, the controllers also open up a whole new way of working.

In cooperation with the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW), GROB-WERKE is actively involved in the development of mutual machine connectivity. Work covering all manufacturers has been performed on this IoT project since February 2017. The goal is to create a standard for machine connectivity and networking. “Together we’re stronger” is the motto for this aspect of Industry 4.0. By identifying solutions together, we will be able to offer them on the market in a more effective and ultimately more economical way. The plan is for the first joint prototype based on OPC UA technology and open to all common protocols to be developed by Q2/2018, with the goal of presenting and releasing this at the AMB 2018 trade fair. 
At EMO, the machine tool builders are already showing off mutual connections for their software solutions. In addition to GROB-WERKE, the other participants are DMG MORI, Hermle AG, and Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik. Further cooperations are expected to be agreed over the coming weeks.

In the future, classical mechanical engineering will be increasingly influenced by software solutions and algorithms. GROB-WERKE not only wants to be a part of this change, it intends to play a leading role in this area. We want to shape and define this age.