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The perfect thermal spraying for crankcases


With the development of the G500TS thermal spraying system, GROB meets the requirements of modern engine development and offers customers in the automotive industry complete manufacturing lines for the production of aluminum crankcases with thermally sprayed cylinder bore surfaces.


The G500TS production cell offers convincingly simple integration into the flexible GROB system solutions for combustion engines and covers the cylinder bore surface with a wafer-thin steel coating as part of the overall process. Top notch technology for your efficient manufacturing facility!

checkboxReduced engine weight
checkboxHigh wear resistance
checkboxGood friction characteristics between piston ring and cylinder bore surface
checkboxPotential for high charging levels
checkboxLess blow-by
checkboxHigh resistance to aggressive fuels
checkboxFavorable cost-benefit ratio
checkboxReduced fuel consumption
GROB thermal spraying methods

Wire method


The GROB wire method gives you a favorable thermal spraying material, a high degree of process reliability and simple material conveying: A transport gas centrifuges fine droplets of a molten steel wire onto the cylinder bore surface, where they instantly solidify into a wafer thin layer.


Powder method


The GROB powder method offers advantages such as high flexibility of the material and a tried and proven process: A powder is fused by means of electrical current and a plasma gas. Unlike the wire method, a powder conveyor is required here.

GROB thermal spraying system in detail
Feeding the thermal spraying material
  • Conveying from wire drum or spindle possible
  • Ergonomic wire drum change
  • Integrated wire straightening station or alternatively a powder conveyor
  • Integrated fill level control
Gas management
  • High-precision mass flow control of the gases to guarantee process quality
  • Gas sensors in the system for guaranteed safety
  • Integrated compressor for compressed air supply without affecting the compressed air system
Noise protection cabin
  • System noise level ≤ 75 dB(A)
  • Lock for material exchange
Exhaust system
  • High-performance extraction of gases and dusts
  • Automatic cleaning of the filter
  • Dusts collected in drum or big-bag
  • Integrated part changer
  • Loading by gantry or robot
Thermal spraying mechanism
  • Gas-cooled, high-energy plasma torch
  • Optimized machine design for guaranteed long tool life
  • Automatic torch cleaning device
  • Automatic monitoring of the plasma and particle beam
GROB Service
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