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B. GROB do Brasil has once again been recognized for supplying Ford Taubaté with a machining line with intermediate assembly technology for the assembly of camshaft bearing caps for the cylinder heads on the new 1.5 liter Dragon engine. This was the third time that B.GROB do Brasil had been awarded this accolade by Ford, following on from 2013 and 2015.

São Paulo/Chicago. The project which won the award featured a line for machining cylinder crankcases and a line for machining cylinder heads for the new Dragon 3 cylinder 1.5 liter displacement engine. The bearing caps for the camshafts are screwed on using GROB assembly technology which was first integrated into the machining line at FORD. The award relates primarily to the concept behind the assembly machine: with a compact monobloc design, it is highly flexible and very accessible at the maintenance stations. Production costs were lowered considerably by the machine concept for FORD developed by GROB.


The machining line with intermediate assembly technology which it supplied to Ford was the first of its kind. Since the successful completion of this project, GROB has been accorded official recognition by Ford as a supplier of assembly technology. The assembly machine is very compact in design due to its lower frame. It can be transported easily as a “monobloc” and is suitable for quick installation at the customer's site. The rotary table version has also made the footprint of the machine considerably smaller. The entire installation of the machine from the switchgear cabinet to the stations was laid in cable ducts, which had been integrated into the frame of the machine. Furthermore, all the stations are very accessible; the machine is very flexible and can process up to three different products. If necessary, the screwing stations can automatically be adapted variably according to the different workpieces.


The International Innovation Award presentation was held at the PTME Investment Efficiency Summit at GROB in Chicago on June 7, 2018. All told, this was the third time that B. GROB do Brasil had received this award from Ford. It had received the FSAO Supplier Award for the delivery of cylinder head and engine block lines for the Sigma Motor back in 2013 and two years later, in 2015, B. GROB do Brasil was the recipient of the 17th Annual World Excellence Award for the delivery of ZK and ZKG lines for the Fox engine.