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An impressive presentation at the CIMT in Beijing and finalisation of the first framework agreement with Shanghai General Motors (SGM) in China. The April of 2013 could not have been better for GROB in the People's Republic of China and further confirmation of the successful work by our colleagues in GROB's Chinese outpost and our "China experts" in Mindelheim.

Since 1989, the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) has grown into one of the leading platforms for the international machine tool industry within China and also for the entire East Asian region. Taking place every two years, it now stands alongside the EMO in Hanover, the IMTS in Detroit and the FEIMAFE in Sao Paulo on the "grand slam" itinerary of the world's principal trade fairs for machine tools. GROB was at the CIMT in Beijing in 2003 and 2005 and this year for the third time between 22 and 27 April, 2013. The company was represented for the first time by the team from GROB's Dalian production plant, which opened last year, and also staff from its two branches in Beijing and Shanghai.


The trade fair was a great success for GROB. Familiarity with our universal machines has increased significantly as we made over 400 new customer contacts. The focus of attention was , of course, on the GROB world première, a GA 350, which with its 5-axis machining capabilities, aroused the interest of the many knowledgeable visitors, mainly parts suppliers in the automotive and aerospace sectors. One most welcome spin-off was the sale of the demonstration machine.


SGM agrees framework agreement with GROB
On 17 April, after several months of open and collaborative negotiations with Shanghai General Motors (SGM), a framework agreement governing collaboration between the two companies was signed. Preliminary discussions started in October 2011. The finishing touches were added to the technical drafts between August 2012 and January 2013 and negotiations on prices started in December of last year. GROB has been working with SGM since 1997 and has in the past delivered about twenty lines with 184 machines.