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This year, we were able to welcome Florian Grob at EMO for the second time. He was happy to answer our questions at the end of the fair.
GROB EMO Hannover

Florian, this is your second EMO. What is your impression in comparison with EMO 2017?


Florian Grob: The exhibitors present themselves in a more compact manner and, to my knowledge, the topic of electromobility is really in the focus for the first time, at least with some companies. I thought the GROB stand was really modern, not only a lot of system and universal machining centers, but also the presentation of E-mobility and Digitalization 4.0. I also liked that our access machines were center stage as an eye catcher.


You, together with your father, were able to get an impression of the current vehicle development at the IAA. What is your summary?


I was surprised to see that all renowned German automotive manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Porsche and Daimler, put electromobility in the center. Their exhibits with combustion motors were more in the background. The trend obviously goes towards E-mobility and, in my opinion, will also prevail in short distances, such as in the city area and in close vicinity. At the same time, I assume that E-mobility won't be the end of drive development.


As a young person, how do you see the current development in the automotive industry? Do you think that the fascination "automobile" will continue to decrease in your generation, with your peers?


Many of my fellow students in Munich don't have a driver's license, since they don't need a car in the city. Unfortunately, the emotions towards cars have developed in the direction of environmental villains. We still have a certain degree of car craziness in a positive sense. Some of my friends look at cars as works of art and enjoy them, other see them as means to an end. Just like it's always been.


In the past two years, you had the opportunity to visit GROB factories in America, and you were able to breathe real GROB air in Mindelheim for several months. How fascinating is it for you to be part of this family?


First of all, I'd like to say that I received a very warm welcome. Especially since I am still very young. Everybody is super nice and I was very happy to be able to communicate my interest in this matter to my colleagues. This led to great conversations through questions, answers and new ideas. A great sense of community developed from these dialogues, which quickly gave me an understanding of my grandfather's motto: "Together we're strong."


This is how I became part of this large family, which made me curious and I started to want to try something new, learn new things and experience people with their specific biography. How they started at the company, how sometimes almost the whole family works at GROB. I quickly developed enthusiasm and pride for the company and its employees.


What impressed you the most during your active time at GROB?


I found it very interesting to learn about the technical aspects of the machines. How each component works together, so accurate and precise. I was also impressed by the social side of our company, since I am convinced that everything has to work together just like in a large gearbox for the company to function.


Which area of the company has fascinated you the most?


I was interested in all areas, since a lot of things were new to me. I think every area has its own appeal. I also think the interfaces between the departments and how they work are really interesting.


How much longer until you will work at GROB full-time?


Next year in the summer, I will start with my dual study program, then I will have more time to work at GROB. Time that I would like to use to familiarize myself with our company. This is a new period of time for me and I am really looking forward to it!