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GROB-WERKE played host to a two-day event put on by TDM Systems, a company which produces software for the management of tooling specifications in the field of machining, for the very first time. In addition to presentations and live machining in the Technology and Application Center, the participants were also given the opportunity to go on informative guided tours around the GROB plant in Mindelheim.

Mindelheim. TDM Systems puts on the "TDM User Day" for its customers every year with the objective of giving them a better understanding of solutions around the theme of tool lifecycle management. The TDM Info Day with Partners was being put on this year for the first time. The program included interesting presentations by TDM Systems, GROB-WERKE and the partner firms SECO Tools, Open Mind, Roboris-Deutschland and Fastems, as well as Haimer. A joint live demonstration was staged to illustrate what the process and communication may be like in practice between the different work stages, systems and the TDM solution. 

Various presentations on the first day looked at Industry 4.0 solutions in practical application, including solutions for transparent production of the future which GROB is offering in the shape of "GROB-NET4Industry", for example. A particular highlight for the 150 participants on that day was how GROB can use web technology to create transparency throughout the entire production process between plants. A further 80 people attended the second day, where they found out about solutions around the theme of tool lifecycle management. 

As part of the supporting program on both days of the event, the participants were also given an insight in the modern Technology and Application Center at GROB, where our partners also got to present their own work at a small exhibition. During guided tours of the factory on both days, the participants saw how the technologies and machines of tomorrow are being produced at GROB.