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June 14 saw the grand opening of the new production plant of VinFast, Vietnam's first automobile manufacturer, in Haiphong. A flagship project for GROB, with VinFast relying on the expertise and technology of the long-established company from the southern German city of Mindelheim to produce its very first vehicles.

As part of a customized turnkey project, GROB supplied complete cylinder head and cylinder block lines, including the very latest automation technology, tools and clamping fixtures, to VinFast in Vietnam. Despite the magnitude of the project – a total of three modular special-purpose machines and 45 machining centers from the renowned G-series – GROB made sure that both of these manufacturing lines were put into operation in December 2018. In light of this turnkey project and to ensure its extensive range of services, GROB also established a new branch in Vietnam, which commenced operations in January of this year.


The first VinFast plant was ceremoniously opened in the presence of Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúcvon, other important politicians from the country and the province of Haiphong, as well as key partners and suppliers to VinFast. Ryoo Hyeon Wook from GROB Vietnam L.L.C. and Wolfram Weber, Deputy Chairman of the Board of GROB-WERKE, were in attendance for GROB. “At the opening ceremony, our team received immense praise for the professional installation of the cylinder head and cylinder block manufacturing lines,” says Wolfram Weber, delighted with this result. “The final acceptance procedure for the machines paved the way to a successful production launch.”


The project is especially important for Vietnam, because VinFast is the first local automobile manufacturer of this fast-growing country. Within just two years, not only was the 335 hectare production plant erected from scratch in the port city of Haiphong, a team of renowned specialists also helped develop two completely new cars.