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Florian Eisenschmid completed his training as electronics technician for automation technology at GROB with a grade-point average of 1.0, putting him at the head of his class at the Memmingen Vocational School. Consequently the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Swabia has honored him as the best in his class.

It has been a long tradition of GROB vocational training to provide the best professional qualifications, and the best in the school and class are always well-represented. Florian Eisenschmid, having completed his training at GROB as an automation technology electronics technician, was not only the best in his school with an average grade of 1,0, but also managed to get the best overall qualification in his field with an average of 1.1. As a result of his excellent achievement, Florian Eisenschmid was honored at a ceremony held by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Swabia. “We are pleased with Florian’s achievement and are proud that once again a GROB apprentice could indisputably achieve first place”, said Bernhard Albenstetter, GROB Director of Training for electronics/mechatronics. “We are also proud of the fact that with this award, we can once again demonstrate the high level of achievement of GROB’s vocational training”.


Vocational training has a long tradition at GROB. Young people are trained in various specialties in all four GROB plants worldwide. “For us vocational training has always been an opportunity to integrate young people into the company early on and to train them to be competent professionals”, stated chief representative Christian Grob regarding the advantages for the Group as he sincerely congratulated Florian Eisenschmid for his extraordinary success. .