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Four "best in class" and a state prize winner: They are the current accolades achieved by GROB apprentices in the 2015/2016 academic year, once again demonstrating the high quality of vocational training at GROB. The distinctions were awarded on January 29, 2016 at the college leavers awards ceremony at the Johann Bierwirth School, the state college of vocational training in Memmingen.

GROB industrial mechanic Thomas Wölfle achieved an average grade of 1.0, making him the very best of the best in vocational training in his year; he was awarded the state prize by the regional government of Swabia. Only pupils who have achieved an average grade of at least 1.5 in all of their subjects in the vocational college final certificate are eligible to be considered for the state prize. The state prize winners are chosen by the regional government of Swabia. The prize winners receive a certificate which is signed by the president of the regional government and a cash prize of €75.00. They also receive a book from Memmingen Town Council.

However, Thomas Wölfle was not the only GROB apprentice to receive an award at the vocational college leavers awards ceremony in the auditorium of the technical college in Memmingen. Traditionally, the pupils who are top of their class at the Johann Bierwirth School are also honored, and they virtually all came from GROB. The requirements for the accolade of "best in class" are clearly defined and hard to achieve: The overall average grade must be better than a 2. Four GROB apprentices achieved this performance: Maximilian Stadler, electronics technician in automation technology, achieved the best result of those who were best in class with an average of 1.12. After him came Tamara Höbel (Ø 1.14), Stefan Wachtl (Ø 1.14) and Johannes Landtaler (Ø 1.28), all three of whom had trained as industrial mechanics at GROB. 

Werner Drexel, Director of Apprenticeships in Mechanical Engineering at GROB, said, "We wish to express our sincerest congratulations to all the winners. It is wonderful to see the great performances of our apprentices recognized at this prize-giving ceremony. It is richly deserved."

Needless to say, all the winners will be taken on by GROB and deployed in the areas of startup mechanics, design mechanics, geometry and large-part production. Maximilian Stadler will commence his career as an electronics technician for automation technology in electrical startup processes.