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A cooperation agreement with Dalian Vocational & Technical College (DLVTC) has put new legs on the apprenticeship program at GROB MACHINE TOOLS Co. Ltd. and is creating conditions at the new GROB plant in Dalian/PR China for successful training of urgently required skilled workers.

Technical and commercial apprenticeship program has a long tradition at GROB. Whether at the headquarters in Mindelheim, in São Paulo in Brazil or the American plant in Bluffton, GROB has, upon establishing a facility, always laid the foundation for future success and has taken training of young talent into its own hands. In keeping with this tradition, on September 11, 2013 we signed a cooperation agreement with the Dalian Vocational & Technical College (DLVTC); this contract will regulate future joint apprenticeship program. For a period of six months more than 700 students at DLVTC had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with GROB’s apprenticeship program. And it paid off. Almost half of them applied for the three-part admission examination, consisting of theory, practice and a personal interview. This was a marathon event for our Chinese colleagues in the training department at GROB Dalian until finally in mid-October a total of 24 new trainees could start their three-year course of instruction. This group included 16 industrial mechanics and eight industrial electricians.


“Growing up together”
As in all GROB plants worldwide, training in our Chinese plant in Dalian is based on the principle of German dual training. And best of all: at the end of their training, the apprentices receive not only the Chinese skilled worker’s certificate, but with the support of the Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, they also obtain the German skilled worker’s certificate. Analogous to the program at our headquarters in Mindelheim, the apprentices are assigned to various technical departments in Dalian after their basic training, thus not only do they acquire the necessary craft skills, but also become familiar with the GROB production system right from the start. Under our slogan “growing up together” we have not only set a new milestone with respect to apprenticeship program at GROB China, but have been able to set an example for the entire region.


The same training standards worldwide
Ever since its founding, the GROB Group has placed the highest value on fundamental training, professional development and continuing education, thus furthering employees’ qualifications. This remains one of the central aspects of the company’s philosophy. As an example, since 1972 the GROB plant in Brazil has trained young people to be mechanics within two years. In the first year they are instructed in mechanical principles; in the second year they are familiarized with GROB products and technologies. In Brazil, as in China, upon successful completion of training, the apprentices receive a certificate from the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce endorsing their status as a skilled worker.