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At the beginning of the year, GROB China received two important awards from Chery Automobile at the “2022 & 2023 Chery Automobile Annual Meeting of the Supply Chain Ecosystem”. This is already the third and fourth award for GROB in its 15-year partnership with the Chinese vehicle manufacturer.
[Translate to en US:] Marcus Oster mit Chery Award für GROB China

The two awards from Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. have provided GROB China an excellent start to the new year. Since no award ceremonies could take place in recent years due to Chinese pandemic regulations, a double event was held this year on January 11 and 12, 2023 in Wuhu, attended by GROB China CEO Marcus Ostler and Key Account Manager Li Xiangnan. Marcus Ostler had the honor of being called to the podium twice.


At the “2022 Chery Automobile Annual Meeting of the Supply Chain Ecosystem” he received the “2021 Chery Excellent Service Support Award”, and at the “2023 Chery Automobile Annual Meeting of the Supply Chain Ecosystem” the next day he received the “2022 Chery Excellent Customer Service Award”. The two awards honored GROB China for the trusting partnership and successful cooperation with Chery Automobile for over a decade.


This double award is an absolute novelty even for GROB China. Marcus Ostler excitedly explained after the annual meeting: “Since these two awards were given not only for a specific project with Chery Automobile, but for all past GROB projects, they are an extremely important milestone for our continued collaboration with Chery Automobile.”


Over the past 15 years, Chery Automobile has become one of the most important customers of GROB China. This partnership was started in 2008 with the delivery of single- and two-spindle G-series machining centers. When Chery Automobile decided to expand its production capacities in 2018, GROB again supplied several machining centers and production systems. Since then, the close cooperation between both companies has strengthened further despite the change in the automotive industry from traditional powertrains to the emerging segment of electric vehicles.


The current engine conversion project for Chery Automobile is currently being manufactured at GROB's Dalian production site and is expected to be delivered later this year. Over the years, GROB China has not only played an important role in expanding and renewing the production capacities of Chery Automobile, but has also actively supported the achievement of its company goals and shown a high level of commitment in our joint projects.