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Two Open House Events in Dalian, China, two Open House Events in Shanghai, China, and a total of almost 500 visitors in six months: These are the main facts of our Open House Offensive, which was successfully concluded on November 13, 2019 in Shanghai. A review.
[Translate to en:] GROB Open House Event 2019
[Translate to en:] GROB Open House Event 2019
[Translate to en:] GROB Open House Event 2019
[Translate to en:] GROB Open House Event 2019

In the past six months, GROB China offered its customers a unique Open House Offensive: Our GROB branch in Shanghai opened its doors twice, and so did our GROB manufacturing plant in Dalian. Our Chinese colleagues had the opportunity to greet over 200 participants at both sites and to present our large range of system machines and universal machining centers.


The first Open House Event at the GROB branch in Shanghai was carried out with our partners GÜHRING and ZOLLER on June 5, 2019. "The whole event was very customer-centered," explains GROB Shanghai Branch Manager and CSO Wang Biao. "Not only did we present our machines, but also our accessories, such as tool solutions, to give our customers a comprehensive overview of the GROB product range.“ The visitors of the event were primarily customers of the die-casting industry interested in efficient solutions for machining lightweight materials, which will be increasingly used in the production of electric motors.


The second Open House Event took place at GROB Dalian on July 17, 2019, again in cooperation with our partners GÜHRING and ZOLLER. It was their first event after the successful completion of the plant expansion. After a tour of the plant showcasing GROB Group's innovative machines and technologies to the visitors, Marketing Manager Thomas Neubert presented in a talk both GROB's F-Series for machining chassis and structural components and GROB's new technologies in the areas of electromobility and digitization. Ren Hongzhi, CEO of GROB China, summarized in his statement, "This event allowed us to present to our clients our extensive expertise both in 5-axis machining and in industries such as tool- and mold-making, mechanical engineering, and the aerospace industry. Together with our branch offices in Beijing and Shanghai, we are able to offer high-quality and efficient products and services that bring considerable added value to our customers."


The third Open House Event took place at GROB Dalian on October 18, 2019 with the slogan "Effectivity² – Made by GROB". That time, our partners MAPAL, QUAKER-HOUGHTON, and REGO-FIX were invited. The 146 participants were shown live machining of a steel part of the tool- and mold-making industry on a GA350 5-axis universal machining center, and the machining of an aluminum part of the aerospace industry on another GA550 5-axis universal machining center. Furthermore, complete machining of an aluminum cylinder head for the automotive industry was presented on a G320 with two-spindles and a pallet changer.


On November 13, 2019, the last of our four Open House Events took place at the GROB Branch Office in Shanghai with our partners OPEN MIND, SONNETT, MASTERLINK, HAIMER, and SECO. Under the motto "Five-Axis High Efficiency", the participants – mainly from the aerospace industry – could find out more about GROB's 5-axis technology and witness the live machining of a structural component on a GA350 display machine. Marcus Ostler, Senior Manager Machining of the GROB plant in Dalian, also participated in the event and supported the branch office.