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2011 orders at all-time high of approx. 1.3 billion euros; Consolidated total output for the group in 2011/12 valued at 650 million euros; All plants at capacity until the end of 2013; High equity-to-assets ratio of over 40 percent; Investment largely funded from own resources and from cash flow

The GROB Group finished the last financial year, ending 29 February, on an all-time high. All the signals within the company continue to point to growth. That is what the impressive financial figures show. Orders within the GROB Group achieved a value of approx. 1.3 billion euros, a company record. The level was achieved with orders from almost all the international automotive OEMs and from 40 percent of an Asian market that is growing strongly. All are indicators proving the highly competitive stance of the GROB Group. All indicators are showing that GROB has become the market leader in our segment and not just in the domestic European market. GROB is also the leading player in the booming Chinese market.


Jobs secured for the next two years
Thanks to this very positive scenario –even though production potential at all of GROB Group's locations has increased considerably –capacity working is assured for the 2012 and 2013 calendar years. During the previous financial year, consolidated total output in the GROB Group amounted to approx. 650 million euros.  A very sound balance sheet with an equity-to-assets ratio of over 40 percent, stable long-term financing and an excellent order situation have put the company on a secure footing. Because of the measures taken to increase capacity –chiefly as a result of high levels of investment at all GROB locations –during the next two years we can look forward to an increase in output to approx. one billion euros.  At the moment, over 3,700 employees work at the GROB Group's four production centers and in the various service locations.


Tough output targets
All of the above figures show what massive progress the GROB Group has made globally since the financial crisis. A boost that is evident mainly in output growth. In the 2010/2011 financial year, an output of 460 million euros was achieved at our plants in Mindelheim/Germany, in Sao Paolo/Brazil and in Bluffton/USA. In the last financial year of 2011/2012, an output of 650 million euros was achieved. And for the two coming financial years, if production in our Chinese plant in Dalian gets up to full speed and capacity in Mindelheim can be improved once Hall 9 comes on stream, the GROB Group will achieve, thanks to its overall optimum production levels, a total output of a billion euros. This forecast output growth means in practice an annual increase of more than 25 - 30 percent. All investment is funded from our own resources and from cash flow arising from normal business operations.