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While the Feira de Mecânica trade fair was taking place in Sao Paolo, GROB do Brasil was welcoming guests to the first workshop on "Innovative Technologies in 5-axis Machining", thereby marking the start of its 2012 sales offensive on stand-alone machines. The workshop had an overwhelmingly positive response and in future it will be held every two years.

The starting point for GROB do Brasil's sales campaign was a market survey and the resulting review of GROB's sales and marketing strategy in the stand-alone market.


But the market survey also highlighted the great potential for 5-axis machining not only in the automotive supplier industry, but also in the orthopedics/medicine, aerospace and machine engineering sectors. So as a way of developing these market sectors, GROB do Brasil has set in train a whole range of innovative marketing activities. As GROB's agency structure in Brazil has undergone a re-organization in recent months, in May, in collaboration with partners and sponsors, an in-house exhibition designed to showcase various applications was held in the company's Technology and Application Center. 


A very positive response from customers and the media
The idea to run a workshop in parallel with the MECÂNICA international trade fair went down very well with GROB customers. Out of the over 500 invitations that were sent out, more than 250 visitors were still able to attend the one-day workshop at GROB do Brasil. One notable outcome was that the event gave more than 70 customers from the aerospace/pattern making/medicine /orthopedics sectors an opportunity to get to know GROB. 


A range of media representatives ensured that there was wide coverage in practically all of the Brazilian specialist press. A film made just for the event aroused particular press interest in the 5-axis machining centers, which have only recently been introduced on to the Brazilian market. It was of great interest to those potential new customers, who were not so familiar with GROB as a machine construction company. The 30 GROB staff, who helped to stage the event, were supported by 15 partners and sponsors.


A wide-ranging program
Those taking part in the workshop were offered a wide-ranging program on event day. As well as the obligatory tour of the plant, they also had the opportunity to watch in action a G550AB 5-axis machining center with HSK-A63, 16,000rpm and pallet changer. Furthermore, some of GROB's partners spoke to the interested parties about their experiences with GROB products. Highlights included the three tests of 5-axis machining for High Performance Cutting (HPC), power cutting and aerospace applications. Those important "potential customers" were ultimately much impressed.  The result being that there was a huge demand for actual examples of applications in 5-axis simultaneous machining and these then had to be demonstrated in the Technical and Application Center.


The parallel Feira da Mecânica in Sao Paulo was also a great success
For the third time, GROB do Brasil had a stand at the fair, where it showcased its products. Alternating with the FEIMAFE, Mecânica takes place every two years. It is Brazil's second-largest machine tool trade fair, attracting visitors from both the automotive and machine tool and also the aerospace and medical technology sectors. On its 150 sq.m stand GROB displayed a G550AB and of course our PR team used the trade fair to put its new sales strategy into action.