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For the first time, GROB – in co-operation with its distribution partner Rex Machine Tool Sales − exhibited at NORTEC, the manufacturing technology trade fair in Hamburg. Between 25 and 28 January more than 10,000 visitors passed through the doors of this important regional fair in northern Germany.

Established in 1935, this traditional company, Rex Machine Tool Sales, has showcased its products at NORTEC from its early days − it has had a presence at this fair for 26 years. For GROB, on the other hand, it was a première, similar to its first showing at INTEC in Leipzig early last year. So NORTEC represents a continuation of what proved to be so successful in 2011 at INTEC. It is a way of making its presence felt in the standard machine segment in regions where the GROB brand is not so well known. So it was the right decision to rely on the experience of GROB's agent, REX Machine Tool Sales, and to share their 256 square metre stand to display for the first time a G350 with a 28,000 rpm spindle.

"Given its regional character NORTEC is one of the smaller shows in our 2012 exhibition calendar," said Peter Hermanns, GROB's sales manager for standard machines. "Visitors still have time for a good chat and will, if necessary, drop by at the stand several times. Unlike at the large international trade fairs, where it can be rather hectic."

In terms of its specialist interests, the audience come from many different fields. Summing up on behalf of his team, Mr Hermanns said: "We have had many discussions with sub-contractors, with representatives from precision engineering, general machine construction, but also with representatives from Airbus and Lufthansa Technik." And the basic mood in the sector continues to be very positive.

After the NORTEC the machine construction entourage is moving on to Düsseldorf for the opening of METAV.

But they don't have much time. Doors open on 28 February.