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GROB has picked up two prestigious awards in just six weeks –the General Motors Breakthrough and Innovations Award and the Daimler Supplier Award. In the light of the enormous effort we have put into achieving growth, the company is very proud of this recognition.

In early February, GROB's management team was invited by the Shanghai General Motors Corporation (SGM) to attend the 14th Annual Suppliers' Conference in the Chinese city of Sanya. Under the slogan 'Leading Together for a Brighter Future', representatives from over 500 companies attended the event. From this group of guests, 37 companies were selected for the 2011 Suppliers Award Ceremony. They were the companies, which in the previous year had demonstrated a high level of performance in their work with SGM (Best Performance Supplier). In a special workshop, their representatives presented to a SGM jury their ideas for further co-operation with the Chinese subsidiary of General Motors Corporation. Practically all the trades from the global vehicle construction industry were represented. From foundries and steel manufacturers to seat suppliers, electronics companies, even door lock makers.

Award for extraordinary innovations
GROB was there among these exclusive manufacturers representing the suppliers of chipping systems, referring to innovations in the GF6 transmission project, strategic partnerships and energy efficiency. In the end, a total of thirty companies in various categories won awards as best suppliers for 2011. Alongside four other companies, GROB was the only machine construction company to win the special 'Breakthrough and Innovations Award' for its extraordinary innovations.  

Daimler AG honours GROB with its 'Daimler Supplier Award 2011'
And six weeks later in Stuttgart, GROB were back on the podium. As part of this year's Daimler Key Supplier meetings at the Mercedes-Benz Center in Stuttgart, Daimler AG honoured the best suppliers for their work by presenting the 'Daimler Supplier Award 2011'. As in previous years thirteen suppliers won awards in various categories. GROB were rewarded in the 'Manufacturing Equipment' category as the best supplier to Daimler in 2011.

Ambitious targets –similar philosophies
The Daimler Supplier Award recognizes the company once a year for above-average performances in terms of quality, cost, delivery date compliance, technology and innovation. Also included in the assessment are such values as fairness, reliability and credibility. In his opening speech, Dr Dieter Zetsche, Board Chairman of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, stated the company's expectations of its suppliers: 'We at Daimler have set ourselves some ambitious targets for the coming years. In order that we achieve them, we need strong partners, who want to grow with us and are keen to develop innovations.' An expectation that applies in equal measure to GROB. 'We at GROB have set ourselves ambitious goals too,' said Executive Manager Christian GROB, 'and we also need strong partners to achieve these goals. This is one reason why we understand the Daimler philosophy so well.'

GROB have received a variety of awards in their long history. Awards that the company has always regarded as confirmation of their hard work and commitment. Awards that are the most prestigious compliments any business can receive. They come from the most objective quarter – from the customer. All the more incentive to tread this well-beaten path. Especially in light of the extremely ambitious expectations placed on GROB worldwide.