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Expanding its sales organization, GROB has established an additional sales and service subsidiary, GROB Italia. Together with SIMU, GROB’s long-term Italian agency, the ninth GROB sales and service branch worldwide will be founded in Turin.

In Milan, at the international machine tool trade fair EMO, with representatives of Italian industry and media in attendance, the establishment of GROB Italia s.r.l. with headquarters in Turin was formally announced. The primary goal is to improve the quality of support of customers in the universal machine business, with respect to both technology and service. “Being close to our Italian customers is very important to us” stated GROB Sales and Marketing Director Jochen Nahl during the founding event at the GROB trade fair stand. “Furthermore, the Italian market offers significant potential requiring our increased attention, especially in the universal machines segment”.

To achieve that, a strong local team will be developed in close collaboration with SIMU, GROB’s long-term Italian agency. Already at the start of October, Antonio Goia, in addition to managing SIMU, has assumed a dual function as head of GROB Italia. He is familiar not only with the Italian machine tools market, he has known GROB-WERKE for years. “Since GROB and SIMU have enjoyed a close partnership for more than seventy years, it is only logical that this important step in establishing GROB Italia is undertaken together with GROB’s oldest sales partner”, declared Christian Grob, chief representative, regarding the further step up of German-Italian cooperation.

In addition to GROB Italia, work is also currently underway on a further GROB branch in Poland, which is expected to open in the coming months.