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For the second time in a row, GROB-WERKE has received the "Award of Recognition" from the FORD Motor Company for its technical know-how and for its excellent working relationships. The award ceremony took place in the FORD Dunton Technical Center near London at the end of October.

For the second time in its 50-plus years of partnership with the FORD Motor Company, GROB-WERKE has received the Award of Recognition. GROB-WERKE had received the award two years ago for its solutions to improve the maintainability of machines. GROB technology was also involved in principle this year. Through the introduction of smart NC programming on the Panther project at the Dagenham plant in England, the total cycle time per workpiece was reduced and, as a result, the same output was achieved using fewer machines. This had resulted in a considerable cost benefit for FORD.


"We regard it as a very important award," GROB Sales Director Jochen Nahl said at the award ceremony. "This is a further milestone for us in enhancing our partnership with FORD, especially since GROB is one of the few FORD vendors with the status of an ABF vendor" (ABF= Aligned Business Framework).


GROB-WERKE has been recognized by the FORD Motor Company on a number of occasions since the late 1990s. The Q1 Quality Award alone has been given to the factories in Mindelheim and Bluffton on five occasions. Our Brazilian plant received the FSAO - Ford South America Operations - Supplier Award from FORD in 2013 and then the World Excellence Award two years later. The Award of Recognition went to GROB-WERKE in 2014 and 2016.