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GROB will be unveiling a whole host of innovations at the EMO and is raising the bar in "universal machines" with the G350 and G550 models – Generation 2 with a GROB rotary pallet storage system, with the G350T which is one of the latest generation of milling and turning machines, as well as with the G1050.

Mindelheim/Hanover. Ten years after the first G350, with its horizontal spindle arrangement, was unveiled at the EMO 2007, the 5-axis technology of universal machining centers has established itself in the mechanical engineering sector and gained a firm foothold in the market. A successful development which is ultimately attributable to the high dynamic performance and great innovation of the G-module concept and which has made our universal machining centers, which are now in their second generation, such a great success. Equipped with the latest developments, the second generation of this tried and tested machine concept will be run through its paces live at EMO Hanover 2017. The 5-axis universal machining centers are flexibly adaptable and extendable for every application, whether it be as a milling and turning option, as a rotary pallet storage system, or with or without a pallet changer, automation or trend-setting GROB4Pilot operator panel.

Trade fair innovation I: G550 – Generation 2
The possible uses of the machine concept are extended yet further with the G550 – Generation 2. Its hallmarks are the high dynamic performance and stability of the machining centers, as well as the much narrower design and the marked reduction in chip-to-chip time. The maximum tool length has been increased to 700 mm. The number of HSK-A63 tools within the machine has been increased to 137. Like its little sister, one of the impressive features of the G550 – Generation 2 is its ergonomically favorable tool-loading point at the operator's end. The second generation of the G550 is also characterized by its optimum chip fall behavior. It prevents the build-up of heat in the machine as a result of chips being left on the workpiece or on the clamping mechanism.  Cleaning components before changing the workpiece is also easy and the “emptying” option ensures that almost no cooling lubricant residue is left on the workpiece.

Trade fair innovation II: G350T and G550T – Generation 2
The G350T, G550T and G750T 5-axis universal machining centers provide customers in the machining industry almost limitless options for milling and turning workpieces from various materials. Three linear and two rotary axes enable five-sided machining with five-axis simultaneous interpolation. With a swivel range of 225° on the A'-axis and 360° on the B'-axis, they provide optimum flexibility in terms of positioning. Their drive concept is based on two symmetrically located ball screws and weight compensation with the G550T/G750T in the Y'-axis and dynamic, wear-free torque motors in the A and B axes. Further benefits include the optimum position of the operating point (TCP) for extremely high rigidity, the – longest Z axis travel for this machine class and the fact that the maximum workpiece size can be machined in the workspace with maximum tool length.

Trade fair innovation III: G350 and G550 with pallet changer
Simultaneous setup during workpiece machining with a pallet change system boosts productivity considerably. Pallets are switched between the set-up station and machine workspace via a rotatable pallet changing mechanism. Thanks to the pallet-clamping system, which is optimally coordinated with the machine, the pallets are clamped on the rotary table and at the setup station. An integrated production run control system and automated cleaning of the zero point clamping system during the pallet change procedure ensure very high process reliability. Benefits of the G350 and G550 pallet changer include parallel set-up for and loading and unloading workpieces at the machine’s set-up station, the compact machine-integrated dual pallet change system, good access to the manually rotatable and stoppable set-up station, the rapid transfer of pallets between workspace and set-up station, a production run control system for pallets already in the pallet change system and set-up station doors that open wide to allow loading by crane.

Trade fair innovation IV: G350 and G550 – Generation 2 with rotary pallet storage system 
The GROB rotary pallet storage system extends the G-module to a flexible manufacturing cell, providing optimum entry to highly efficient automated manufacturing. There are three design variants with pallet storage slots on up to three levels. A manually rotatable and stoppable set-up station is located next to the machine console for optimum access. An innovative rack feeder enables rapid 180° pallet changes when two pallets are being used. The flexible control software for the GROB rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R) also visualizes and organizes production orders. The rotary pallet storage system delivers the benefit of economic production through increased machine utilization and machining in shifts with no or low manpower. It offers high storage density with a small installation surface, is easy to fit to existing machines and has excellent inspection characteristics.