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For the first time at this year's EMO, GROB will present the new G500FS machine variant, which rounds out the product range of GROB machining centers for frame structure and chassis parts as well as battery housings. The G500FS, for example, will be presented at EMO in combination with a G600F, automated or interlinked.

Mindelheim/Hanover. With the machine variants of the F-series, to which the G500F, G520F, G500FS and G600F belong, special emphasis was placed on a large working area and high dynamics. The F-series is specially designed for machining lightweight components such as frame structure and chassis parts as well as battery housings. The machines are characterized by numerous beneficial features and functions. These include their axis arrangement, their high machine dynamics, and their large working area, which is made possible by the horizontal spindle position. Their enormous dynamics are due to the specially developed axle drives. All machines of the F-series are designed for MQL as well as for dry or wet processing and can be set up stand-alone or in combination, automated or interlinked. Their machining accuracy is optimally adapted to the industry-specific work piece requirements. There are basically two different ways of loading work pieces into the F-series: firstly, by top loading with a GROB linear gantry or by front loading with a GROB pallet changer, swivel changer, slide changer, a robot or manually by an employee.


G520 - The basis for the F-series


Since the work piece area of the frame structure parts moves purely in the aluminium area, only relatively low machining forces are required, for which the renowned G520 module is oversized. A lighter and more cost-effective version was developed with the basic concept of the G520 as the foundation. Two machine types were developed: the G520F with 2 spindles for work pieces up to 800 mm interference circle (strut domes, small structural parts) and the G500F with 1 spindle for larger work pieces (longitudinal and cross beams). The G600F (machine with swivel head) was developed for work pieces that are no longer suitable for a G500F due to their component dimensions and machining operations.


G500FS - For heavy and even larger machining operations


For a further category of work pieces, the so-called subframes, which have to be machined especially in the area of e-mobility, the 1-spindle G500FS was developed on the basis of the G520, which offers both a corresponding working area and HSK100. This type of work piece requires 5-axes, a device with a radius of action up to approx. 1,500 mm as well as partly long projecting tools and a high metal-cutting capacity.


Since the G500FS is based on the components of the G-series, it also enables optimum chip removal for extensive metal cutting. Its narrow bridge ensures the best possible accessibility to the underside of the part, even during 6-sided machining. A second A-axis drive makes the machine particularly rigid. It can be set up interlinked for direct or indirect loading from above and from the front. Loading with robots or other loading equipment from the GROB automation portfolio is also possible.


The G500F and G520F are suitable for easy machining of small to medium sized work pieces with HSK63, while the G500FS allows heavy machining of large work pieces.


G600F - The XXL machine of the F-series


The G600F is currently GROB's largest machine variant for machining frame structure and chassis parts as well as battery housings. It was developed for part sizes that do not fit into a G500F due to their component dimensions and machining steps. With its interference range diameter of 1,550 mm, large process paths, a swivel head with a 180 degree swivel range, optimum chip removal to the rear of the machine, and high machine dynamics, the G600F is ideally suited for full 5-sided machining in automated production.