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Successful in machining for years, the GROB-NET4Industry product range has now been expanded with new software solutions for digitalization in electromobility as well as to the difficult area of brownfield devices.

After successfully utilizing GROB-NET4Industry in machining for years, GROB is launching new software solutions for digitalization in the field of electromobility and in brownfield devices, such as lathes, saws, furnaces, EDM wire erosion machines, autoclaves, etc. Thanks to the GROB platform, old devices from various manufacturers and devices of different generations can be connected to the network. The aim was to significantly simplify communication between the various devices. In addition, we are trying to anticipate innovation progress and adjust the Internet of Things (IoT)-platform for future challenges. The GROB platform features a proprietary Management Studio where individual IoT-devices or device groups are created and connected, existing IoT-devices are regrouped and different levels of device groups are generated. Several groups can be assigned to one device at the same time and GROB standard solutions can be used for very different machines.


New Partnerships With Expanded Connectivity


The recently expanded GROB connectivity not only expanded the capability of the GROB network for completely new machines, but also allowed to conclude completely new partnerships. For example, companies such as the tool manufacturer Hufschmied or the sensor company ProMicron use the machine data obtained for their solutions. GROB has also concluded a new partnership with Ernst & Young, which, among other things, provides consulting for supply chain management. In this partnership, the connection to machines and systems is the main foundation that opens up innovative possibilities.


New Software Applications for Electromobility


Complex processes and systems with a high output, such as in electromobility, require different software solutions than in machining. Here, the focus is primarily on the digital acquisition of process and quality data. GROB has met these requirements and developed new software applications for electromobility systems that are used by both the customer and for commissioning and quality assurance of our own production lines. This means that in electromobility, both commissioning and process monitoring can be supported with GROB's digitalization solutions. Furthermore, the projects involve a direct and active exchange between GROB and OEMs for identifying and developing solutions.


GROB-NET4Industry at the GROB In-House Exhibition


In the in-house exhibition, almost all machine exhibits are connected to GROB-NET4Industry so that all data and key performance indicators are visible for each sample processing. GROB’s new system for LMP technology is also on display and delivers its data to the cloud. Process parameters and performance data can now be transferred from any technology or system and evaluated profitably. During the lecture series held daily throughout the in-house trade fair, representatives from the field will speak about the topic of "Digitalization with GROB-NET4Industry - From Maintenance to Tool Management.“