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GROB universal machining centers offer future-oriented machining solutions both for the automotive industry as well as for the new electromobility market. Various automation solutions will therefore be presented live at the in-house exhibition in addition to all 4-axis and 5-axis universal machining center versions.
GROB 4 axis machines

Dynamic shifts in the automotive industry have had a strong influence on the systems and universal machining center business of GROB as well. Especially with regards to the electromobility market, GROB has heavily increased its machining portfolio, but also that of its automation solutions, adapting ideally to the individual requirements of its customers with extensive configuration options.


Presentation of the new 4-axis series and the smallest GROB 5-axis machine, the G150


The innovations of the last months in particular include the 4-axis series with the G440, G640 and G840 machine versions. These can be configured according to specific requirements due to their modular design and a high variety of options, and are characterized by a high loading weight as well as high feed forces and accelerations of the main axes. Also successfully established on the market last year was the G150 5-axis machine, which rounds off the lower end of GROB's universal machining center portfolio. The largest 5-axis machining center G750 has also been available since last fall in its second generation featuring modular machine software. All cited machine innovations will of course also be presented live at the in-house exhibition from May 3 to May 6.


Pallet tower storage system PSS-T300 – the new automation solution from GROB


The wide range of existing GROB automation solutions enables flexible adaptation to capacities and guarantees perfectly coordinated pallet and/or part handling. The portfolio of GROB automation solutions has been increased with the variable PSS-T300 pallet tower storage system for 5-axis G150 and G350 machines. The PSS-T300 permits connection with up to two machines as well as two setup stations, provides a complete solution from one manufacturer, and is characterized by its significantly increased storage capacity. It can be used for combination and handling of various pallet sizes. The PSS-T300 also allows for modular configuration independent of whether one or two machines or one or two loading and unloading stations are used, and also independently of the number and sizes of different pallets and shelf levels. In addition, the PSS-T300 pallet tower storage system has intuitive higher-level software that is easily operable without an intensive training period thanks to image-controlled pictograms. This makes it ideal for customers valuing autonomy and unmanned (3-shift, night shift, weekend shift) production.


Growing requirements for machining centers of the future


The paradigm shift in the automotive industry, with its sharply decreasing lot sizes and shorter product life cycles for parts produced on the machines, also sets new requirements for mechanical engineering. Issues such as modularization, re-usability and flexible automation continue to increase in importance. The market for 5-axis machines will continue to grow, and additional NC-axes will be integrated individually into the machines themselves to provide additional options such as feed motions.


Milling lathes with hydraulic clamping will combine different machining operations with the possibility of automation. In addition, automation concepts can be assumed to develop even more toward industrial robots to replace inflexible concepts and integrate work such as deburring, cleaning and assembly. These are all developments that already play an important role in the continued development of GROB universal machining centers and GROB automation solutions, and will continue to do so in future.


Technical presentations at the GROB in-house exhibition


There will also be various daily presentations at the in-house exhibition. Planned are keynote lectures on the Aerospace, Medical Technologies and Die and Mold industries, and the subject of automation will deal with the question of the ideal GROB solution for each application.