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GROB-WERKE will once again be presenting a whole range of technical innovations and machine highlights at this year's 23rd EMO at its 1,700 m² booth in Hall 12, Booth B06. In addition to the new access series from the universal machine sector, the focus will also be on machining centers for frame structure and chassis parts, the latest system and automation solutions, and GROB's comprehensive expertise in electromobility.

Mindelheim/Hanover. A total of eleven machines from the universal and systems business will be on display at the GROB booth in Hall 12, Booth B06. In addition, visitors can find out about GROB's full range of services in various information and presentation areas. These include GROB-NET4Industry's proprietary software solutions as well as smart service products and innovative training concepts.


Trade fair innovation - The new access series from GROB


The cost-conscious all-rounders in the universal machine business G350a and G550a will be presented to the general public for the first time at this year's EMO. With their reduced standard equipment, they represent the more cost-effective version of the GROB universal machines and convince with their shorter payback period and best machining quality. The G350a machine at the fair will show the machining of an aluminium structural component from the aerospace industry, while the G550a will demonstrate high-performance machining of steel. Other universal machines on show at the fair include a G350 - Generation 2 with robot cell, which will be shown in continuous operation, two G550 - Generation 2 with the new linear pallet storage system (PSS-L), and a G350T - Generation 2 mill-turn universal machine with rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R) and additional magazine (TM374). Two other Generation 2 universal machines will also be on display: a G550, which shows the machining of a Pelton wheel from the energy sector, and a G350, which shows the machining of a mold insert from the tool and mold making sector.


New technologies for new requirements in systems business


This year, GROB is exhibiting a 2-spindle system machine with pallet changer from the systems business segment. The pallet change will be demonstrated with one raw and one finished part each of a control arm and a turbocharger. A further highlight presented by GROB-WERKE at EMO will be an interlinked system with a linear gantry. On the two interlinked machining centers for frame structure and chassis parts, for example, the machining of a subframe for air combat as well as loading and unloading by a linear gantry is shown (G500FS), while on the G600F the air combat demonstration of a longitudinal beam (structural component) takes place.


Comprehensive GROB range of services for smart production


In the presentation area, GROB provides detailed information on its wide range of services. This includes GROB-NET4Industry's proprietary software solutions as well as smart service products and innovative training concepts. A further focus will be the presentation of GROB's comprehensive expertise in the field of electromobility.


EMO and GROB – a success story spanning more than 40 years


In addition to its launch in 1977, GROB-WERKE has been able to convince with technical innovations 15 times at the world's largest engineering trade fair. GROB-WERKE presented the forerunner of the GROB machining centers at its first EMO trade fair appearance. In 1991 the GROB development "CMS," a computer-aided machine planning and simulation system, was shown for the first time. EMO 2005 was unforgettable, as the modular G-series marked the beginning of the most successful mechanical engineering series in the history of GROB-WERKE. In 2007, GROB also made history with the presentation of the first universal machine, the G350, and ten years later GROB surprised with its go-ahead for electric mobility.