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We were able to have our last conversation with Florian Grob at EMO 2019 in Hanover, when the topic of electromobility was still young and Corona and the Ukraine war with all its economic consequences were not yet playing a role. And Florian Grob himself has also been able to gain enormous experience in the company on a daily basis since then. Now for the In-house Exhibition, he was happy to answer our questions.

Is this your first In-house Exhibition at GROB and what impression does it make on you?


No, it's not my first In-house Exhibition, because I've always been there since 2016. However, this year I like our trade fair extremely well. It is very young, dynamic, with a completely new layout and significantly larger than all previous GROB In-house Exhibitions.


For me, the most fascinating part is the variety of products, how GROB in particular has developed over the last few years in the transformation process, which is reflected, for example, in the parts that are produced on the machines, especially in the area of machining. The path from pure combustion components to electromobility is also admirable.


GROB-WERKE has once again gained dynamics in recent years. How do you assess this development and what do you see as important corporate goals for the future?


I think the current dynamics in our company are great. We can only continue to develop. That suits our company, which is strongly technological and always striving for innovation, which can also be seen in our machine concepts. Especially with a family background, it's easier to embrace new things and drive them forward. That is in the DNA of our company.


One of my main business goals is to continue what was created by my ancestors. Continue to recognize new technologies, embrace them, drive them forward and develop them further. Furthermore, we should be aware of our social, ecological, but also moral responsibility.


In our last conversation, you expressed the view that e-mobility will not be the end of drive development. Is that still your opinion today, and if so, which types of drive are promising for the future from today's perspective?


In my opinion, e-mobility can only be one part of the "new mobility“. We still have to figure out how we can think mobility further. Other technologies, such as synthetic fuels or the fuel cell, will also be important and lead to a certain mix in drive technologies.


At the moment, you are more involved than ever in company decisions, although you also have to invest a lot of time in your studies. How long will this situation last, and when will you be able to be one hundred percent present in Mindelheim?


My studies will be finished this summer with my master's thesis. But that won't change anything about my current situation, since I'm already at the company almost every day.


The GROB family business continues to develop at a pace that is hard to imagine and comprehend. Aren't you sometimes worried that GROB will have to shed the status of a family business because of its size?


There is no question of having to. In my opinion, the responsibility of a family business is characterized by the fact that the family is always present, active and close to the company. Regardless of the size of our company, it is important to me that the character of a family business is always maintained.


The fact that the employees know each other well and follow my grandfather's motto "together we are strong" are also values that both the family and the employees stand behind. And you can feel that in the company as well, it is not the size that is decisive, but that we live the idea, the spirit, and that everyone does their part. That, at any rate, is my intention and my wish.


Thank you very much for the interview!